• I used to order off the menu at a Chinese restaurant a lot. They always gave me what I wanted.
  • I have never in my life requested a meal that wasn't on the menu because I have never in my life gone to such a fancy restaurant as that! :) ((hugs))
  • Hehehe I did that at McDonalds, even. When I was little, I didn't like hamburger meet, so I'd ask for a grilled cheese. They'd grill the bun, put cheese in the middle, and then put the bun on "upside down" so the grilled "inner" part was on the outside. I wouldn't ask for that these days though. This was about 20 years ago, and I think maybe restaurants were more accommodating then. I don't know.
  • Yes, several times. It is particularly common in fine restaurants where you may be "a regular" and staff knows you to be "gratuity friendly". It is also not unusual on cruise ships, where you may, however, need to make your request 24 hours in advance so that ingredients not on hand may be acquired at the next port of call. Again, being known as "gruity friendly" and appreciative assures your requested special care. [Uh, being on the company expense account didn't hurt, either! But, alas, those daze (sic) are over...'n I went 'n fell into the trap of getting, the practice continues out of pocket. Oh, well, life is short. :-)]
  • Well sort of. I went to a restaurant that served breakfast but did not have a western omelet and I wanted one but the cook did not know how to make one. After discussing this with the manager I was asked to go back and teach the cook how to make one which I did and got my meal for free for about a month.
  • My husband goes to a Vietnamese restaurant and always asks for a dish that isn't on the menu and they make it for him.
  • Yes, a couple of restaurants that I've patronized have made me special meals. I had a bowling alley restaurant and a chicken diner that used to make me a special breakfast that wasn't on the menu.
  • All the time. Thank God my parents own a restaurant.
  • My brother ALWAYS does that... like he's special or something -
  • No I have not! Well except that lizard liguiny I asked for at MacDonalds. Does that count! He just put it in the hot grease for 2 min. ;)
  • Yes - only on one occasion. I was out for an office Christmas meal which had been pre-booked and pre-paid, with a group of 20 people. When booking, I had specified that I was vegetarian, and had been assured that the restaurant would provide a veggie meal. When we arrived, I was handed the meat dish, and told that they did not provide veggie food. (This was about 20 years ago, when restaurants were not as clued up about veggie meals). The waitress said: "I can ask chef to make you an omelette" Well! Given how much I had paid for the meal, there was no way I was going to accept an omelette!!!! So I suggested that the chef had a large kitchen with a range of foodstuffs, and I was sure he could come up with something more fitting to the occasion than an omelette!!!!! So the chef rustled up a dish of roasted vegetables instead. That made a change from the standard veggie lasagne, which was all that other restaurants could provide at the time.
  • Yes I knew in advance that the restaurant has a special veal cutlet for people who could appreciate it, and I ordered that.
  • Yes, many times. Once, I did not get what I asked for.

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