• your mind it causes all your sences. a women can make herself lactate if she convices her self she is pregnant.(proven) a person can make themselves very sick if they convince themselves there sick.(proven) a person can make there skin crawl just by the sight of something they don't like.
  • im pretty sure its actualy ghosts :P
  • Microscopic bugs
  • It's possible that you are experiencing referred pain/sensation. Because the body isn't used to feeling pain in certain parts of our body, it sometimes interpretes them as sensation from other, more usual parts, which are supplied by nerves that originate from the same level of spinal cord. To explain a bit easier, let me give you an example. The nerves that control your diahpragm, a muscle between your abdomen and thorax that is responsilbe for your breathing, are called the phrenic nerves and originate from the spinal cord at level C3,4,5. This means that they exit the spinal cord below the 3rd, 4th and 5th cervical vertebrae in your spine. At the same level as these, nerves also process information from your shoulders. So, if your diaphragm is irritated, you sometimes get a strange sensation in your shoulders. In essence, the brain sometimes thinks that there is more chance of feeling something on your shoulder than on the diaphragm muscle inside you. Depending on what nerves are affected determines where you may feel this sensation.
  • I get that too, and think we all due and no that is not paranormal lol. Sometimes it can something as easy as "hair" or "dust" that is not always that visible. I also know that things like Hypoglycemia and Thyroid conditions can bring on that sensation.
  • I have this same experience on a regular basis. I do not have any of the health issues mentioned here. I do however think I probably have a bit of OCD and I have fibromyalgia. So?? who knows?
  • Usually when there is an increased blood flow.

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