• YUPO is a plastic type of watercolor art paper. There is a lot of buzz about Yupo Watercolor Paper. The interesting thing about Yupo is that is was never designed as a watercolor paper. In fact, Yupo isn’t even a paper at all. It is actually a sheet of plastic. Yupo was developed for the printing industry. It was designed to take ink smoothly and richly without deteriorating with age or tearing. Yupo has a very silky surface and because the plastic does not absorb water, you can’t be uptight painter. The paint tends to flow and blend kind of with a mind of it’s own. It does take some getting used to, but boy is it worth it. We have seen some absolutely magnificent paintings on Yupo from folks like Taylor Ikin and George James. (George James’s video about painting on Yupo is available right here at Cheap Joe’s and it’s a great tool to get your started right!) Here are some handy tips to make sure you are successful when you paint on Yupo! * Be careful not to touch the surface of Yupo with your fingers prior to painting. The oils from your hands will cause paint to distribute unevenly. * To remove fingerprints from Yupo’s surface, spray with glass cleaner and wipe clean. Wait to paint until the surface is completely dry. * If you mess up… badly… you may wash off paint with household cleanser. (Some remnants of staining colors may remain.) Rinse with clear water, and wait to dry. You’re ready to give it another try. Now Yupo is available in any of these interesting varieties: * Heavy weight or 144lb comes to you rolled for delivery in giant 26" x 40" sheets. Heavy weight sheets are available in packs of 5 sheets. * Medium weight or 74lb is delivered in a flat paper box of 20" x 26" sheets of either 10 or 25 sheets. * Light weight or 68lb is delivered to you rolled in giant 23" x 35" sheets. Light weight sheets are available in packs of either 10, 25, 0r 100 sheets. * You can also get Yupo pads of 10 sheets either in 9"x 12" or 11" x 14" sizes. Any route you choose, we are sure that you will enjoy painting with Yupo fine art paper. Remember that because Yupo is a plastic and does not absorb water that the thickness of the Yupo will not effect it’s performance. Just choose the Yupo art paper that sounds most appealing to you and your art supply.

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