• We used to play Monopoly for hours! It was so much fun ... all the neighborhood kids getting together during the summer on my friend's porch! Happy times!! ++
  • Super Mario Bros. part 1 and 3, and Chess
  • me and mom would play scrabble....she was so good at it that I had to wait till she was really tired to actually have a chance of winning...I like boggle too. I haven't played either in many years.
  • Monopoly marathons, were so much fun.
  • gin rummy Grandma
  • oh, 10 thousand is a excellent dice game....first time I played it was a one in a million thing...all the guys were around the table, they had figured out a way to gamble on the end result (which is not normal for the game) ... so there was money in the pot....the game was half over when I walked in and asked what were the rules...I asked to join the game and since it was almost over they let me join...well, my very first roll, I rolled all six of the same dice at the same time....alll the men started yelling and mom started laughing and raking in the cash....I kept saying what happened...what did i do...and my mom explained that is an instant win....hey...I never did get any of that money....figures.
  • Knock is a fun card game too...I usually win...guess that means I am unlucky in love...hum.
  • Hide and seek and sardines. All of the cousins would play till we had to go home 10pm+. Sardines is where you play hide and seek backwards. One person hides and everyone else has to find them. The last person to find them is it to hide. The big couins would hide in the trees so we couldnt get up there lol! We now play board games and card games.

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