• a little, yea. just because one black guy is bad for you it doesn't mean all of them will be. that's called stereotyping. if you like white men, date white men but be open to a relationship with anyone. i am.
  • i understand its who you are attracted too.
  • I think that is admirable to come out and say what you really feel like that. There are a lot of black men that only date white women, white girls-only black guys, Asian women-only white guys, etc, etc. so you really aren't alone. I just wouldn't go around parading it too much, those are your feelings and no one elses.
  • Is there any reason why you don't see yourself ever falling in love with a black person?..
  • Well there's a difference between not being able to fall in love with someone because of their race and hating someone because of their race. To hate them is racist. To not know if you could fall in love with them is just unsure of the unknown. Like Sodapop said, I'd still try to be open to the idea, but do what feels best to you.
  • Hate is a very strong word, if you don't find someone attractive then yes that is your opinion and you are entitled to it but to use the word hate to describe anyone for me is a bit strong. I am a black man and my s/o is from Singapore...But I am not with her because I hate any other race I am with her because we fell in love, there is good and bad in all races no race is perfect.
  • If you have a personal preference toward white men, that is fine... but hate is a pretty strong word. I know several admirable men who are dark skinned and I would date them in a heart-beat if I was single.
  • It's alright that you have a personal preference for white men, but it's not alright to generalize all black men and view them the same way. You say you don't think you can ever fall in love with a black man, fine. But I don't think you should "hate" black men just because you don't have a "preference" for them. There are a lot of good black men I'm sure you would not want to "hate". Just like there are some white men out there that you just "might" hate.
  • I think that is your choice but also believe it is wrong to judge anyone by the color of their skin even if it's the same as yours. EAven though I know how you feel. Being a white male it took me years to get over hating white people.
  • It's not wrong to have a preference of attraction. But it sounds like you have some emotional issues you need to work through. By saying you "don't think you can ever fall in love with a black man," it sounds as if there are some hidden scars there. Don't dismiss an entire race of men based on the wrongdoings of one (or a few, whatever the case may be).
  • You know what they say' Once you go white, you be alriiiighhhtttt!"
  • love whoever you want
  • Hate is kind of a strong word, I think you are trying to say that you prefer white men. I say, if it floats your boat, then set sail.
  • Whatever rocks your boat!
  • of course its wrong to hate. everyone has initial physical preferences, and hopefully you are evolved enough to see past the "physicallity". relationships are hard enough-to arbitrarily eliminate 1/2 of the contestants is dumb!
  • I don't care that you like white men but if you like white men WHY DO YOU NEED TO HATE US BLACK MEN? Black men shouldn't be a factor to why you like white men you should just like white men because you do. Stuff like this sometimes just makes me lose my mind I mean hating someone shouldn't be a factor to loving someone else
  • Whatever rocks your boat! I'm a black man and I personally prefer attractive white women. I could never see myself marrying within my own race.
  • I dont think you need to "hate" black men, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to be with a white man. I am married to my husband and I had my prefereneces on men and culture what not. Nothing wrong with that..It makes you who you are. As long as you are nice about it:)
  • it is wrong for you to hate men for being black. it is wrong for you to judge the individual based on the behavior of the group. it is NOT wrong for you to see that there are behavioral differences that do predominate difference races. AND it is NOT wrong for you to hate individuals who have those behavioral attributes. on a note I think unrelated to your question, it is also not wrong for you to just not be attracted to men of a given race.
  • I'm the type that doesn't descriminate when it comes to finding a companion but sometimes certain words we use have serious power if u don't like black men then taht's cool but u just offended a couple of darker hued men though. but I can see where your coming from.
  • The color of the skin in a prejudiced society can adversely affect a mans character. It can also strengthen character. True love transcends the color of a man or woman';s skin. You're not wrong, only limited by your own prejudice.
  • This is tongue in cheek--- I wish everybody found black men unattractive---it would leave them all to me---a dream come true
  • There is no right or wrong in physical attraction. The heart wants what the heart wants whether your logical conscious mind agrees or not. Follow your heart!
  • Troll fail, dear. Why is it that you little trolls never grasp how extremely transparent you are? Lack of intelligence and sophistication, I imagine.
  • Yes. Its prejudiced. If you're going to reject them find a personal reason after you get to know them.

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