• Well, your inner ear helps in detecting your orientation, along with your eyes. For actually keeping your balance, all your muscles work in unison. And your brain is overlooking the whole operation.
  • actually your inner ear. If you have an inner ear infection, your balance will be off.
  • My a$$, its like sandbags keeping me upright in this chair : )
  • My shoulders!
  • Inner ear :)
  • I've heard that is actually a combination of both your inner ear, visual, and your "big toe". Your inner ear consults your eyes, and sends the messages to the brain, while the "big toe" sends moves in correspondece about how to react.
  • Usually your inner ear, but this morning it was my arms. I slid on a patch of ice and started to fall backward and put out my arms and sort of moved them until I gained my footing again.

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