• The homeless. The hell if I know where to donate.
  • I don't know...AIDS research?
  • I would donate, to the homeless shelter down town. They, not only feed but house those who are.
  • I would donate my time, which I value highly, to the local literacy foundation.
  • the donation or the specific charity?
  • it would be the homeless shelter, the local food bank or a place like the ASPCA..
  • I mainly contribute to animal shelters and when I do, I make sure it goes directly to the animals, like dropping off a few bags of food each month.
  • Your children (teen), your starving elder parents too embarrassed/ashamed to tell you they are hurting, the man next door who lost everything and is wondering what his next meal will be, the woman with small children who pulls up next to you in an old beat up car, the sickly and raggetty, the old man that hobbles across your path, the old woman who takes her time digging for a penny at the bottom of her purse in line, the young waitress who has young children, need I say more???
  • Spastics Society. Even without anyone asking I donate and volunteer for the Spastics Society.
  • A bronze and gold statue of Michael the Arc Angel! There are only 100 ever made.
  • Right before Christmas, I gave away my car. If I had to do another big one on top of that, I'd be hard pressed. Can't be money.
  • I would volunteer to take my dog around to nursing homes or hospitals to visit with people on a regular basis. I value him very much, and I would love to share him with others so that he can hopefully enrich their lives as well.
  • As much money as I could and my time :)
  • I would be persuaded to donate towards a veterans organization who has some national credibility.
  • Time....
  • The Ronald McDonald House, specifically the one in Spokane, Washington. They are my charity of choice for the rest of my life. They helped me both financially and emotionally during a very hard time in my life. I send a check every month, I don't think I'll ever stop being grateful to the volunteers there.
  • In our area they often have silent auctions to raise money for the foster kids which is a type of charity close to my heart since I have 9 nieces & nephews who once were foster kids & a daughter too, so often donate item to it that are of value that can raise money for them. some times I buy new items, some times they are antiques that we have bought just because they look nice or in hopes of them gaining value, brass lanterns, I took in some of my extra bells from a collection, it all adds up for the kids.
  • truly i m ready to sacrifice my useless life and money if it can help them.
  • The Humane Society Most recent charity I donated to was the Connecticut Food Bank.
  • I always donate things like clothings, beddings,toys, and food but it seems that these are not enough.These things cannot satisfy their needs. So I think the best gift or something I value much to give is MYSELF. I don't always have a lot of material things to share but I can give them time to listen , a touch that could warm , and the joy that can bring hope esp. to orphaned and old aged. The only true gift is a portion of ourselves. We must be involved with the gift-giving process..we are the real gift.
  • My input... hint... it is not in cash form these days but I have plenty of time on my hands to help!
  • I'll give them my $160.00 dollar polo boots! since i need me a new pair already.

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