• Nope...has just affirmed women!!!
  • Neither. "Manly men" are still very much prized within society.
  • Not entirely... I believe that the hormones in the environment have helped too. I know I will probably get down rated for saying this... but I also think that it is not such a good idea to intentionally blurr the gender divides the way the school system does as compensation for homosexuality. I don't think that kids should understand sexuality from anything other than a place of boy and girl until they are much older. I believe that girls SHOULD play with dolls and boys shouldn't and that boys should play with cars and trucks in the dirt and girls shouldn't. That being said... No, of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with a girl growing up as a construction worker and a boy growing up in fashion design. But at a very young age... I think the tools are there for a reason that goes beyond social and political correctness.
  • Yes, it has. These days some men are even scared to approach us!
  • Damn Straight. Its gotten so bad that I don't even want to have any sons just due to the fact they will most likely grow up to be momma's boys. Nothing wrong with a daddies girl but no one likes momma boys. I'm not saying guys have to be macho or anything and in reality women always have some control. Take the lion. The men sit around and do nothing while the females hunt. In reality the female is in control because the male would die with out the food the female kills. Personally I think society has made more women aware of the control they have over men and they are abusing it. We are loosing the balance that we had. We are spinning right back into a sexist realm but this time it will be the opposite.
  • Really? I didn't notice. I think society has realized that men are not as mature as women. Ok, not that i want to be a biased asshole, but this is fact! Time, and time again, men have pushes themselves off as momma's baby angel and they take it rather well. This is what u men get for making females look after the children. Sure, we may be physically weaker but we are game. U men don't even allow us to have the same pay as u in the exact same job. Answer ur question?
  • If you're a real man..NOTHING can sissify you!
  • Very much so.
  • Yes men are weak now, I remember when I was considered weak.
  • No. I think that the overrated role of the male solely as brutish primitive has outlived its usefulness. Modern societies are gradually moving away from that. Testosterone poisoning is not a virtue. And one man's sissification is another man's desire to be civilized.
  • Yup. I do think so. We are supposed to get in touch with our "inner woman" and "inner child", we are "allowed" to cry and be sensitive, most so called manly aspects of our natures like competitiveness, aggressiveness and lack of overt emotion are considered bad. But I also think society has a sort of schizophrenic expectation of men. We are also supposed to be responsible and be "the strong one" when things get tough. We are expected to be the financial engine of the family. +5
  • In a lot of ways, yes. Although very masculine men are still a sought-after commodity ;) But I think that men are in danger of becoming more feminized not just from society, but from their diets. First of all, there are so many women on birth control that excess estrogen from their urine gets into our water. Not only that, but all of those hormones that dairy farmers use on cows stays in the milk. Also, you get more and more people who are becoming vegan or vegetarian and eating too much soy. Soy is NOT supposed to be a dietary staple. In fact, it's been proven to be bad for men because it has phytoestrogens in it - chemicals very similar to estrogen which act in the same way in the body. So there are all these soy products out there messing with hormone levels. Especially for anyone who takes protien shakes with soy-derived protein. But apart from that, society has been trying to get men to be more "emotional," which isn't necessarily a bad thing until people start whining and bawling all over the place. My friends & I have all had the issue that it's just so hard to find a real man these days. Guys are just whiny bitches 90% of the time.
  • On the contrary, I think there is an overt pucsh to make males tough and strong. A sensitive male is seen as "defective."
  • No, I believe that image of the male has changed in the last four hundred years.
  • if what you saying is true, then men must take the blame as they 'manfied' and "musculined' the world in the first place. the women wouldn't have reversed the roles without their express concerned.(((^*^)))

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