• I only put a comment if I think it was a really good answer or I want to respond. But I don't say thank you to everyone who answers. I'm too lazy to do that. :)
  • Thank yous for exceptional or interesting answers. Points for answers that are even mediocre.
  • No, it's not necessary. However, I do comment on almost every answer I get. Sometimes those are long or detailed comments pertaining to the subject, other times it might be just a simple "Thanks". Generally, I think it makes for a more friendly atmosphere and ABing being less of an impersonal affair.
  • I try to, I think it is common courtesy to thank someone when they answer your questions.
  • its not necessary. but its the polite, respectful thing to do. i like to acknowledge other human beings and let them know i am interested in what they have to say. a simple thanks will suffice, if nothing else.
  • Yes I say at least "thank you" to every answer, I am sorry if some people find good manners not to their taste but that is the way I was taught. You do not have to make comments if you do not wish to so do.
  • It's not required by AB. However, most people do at least thank those who answered their questions, whether they agree with the answer or not, when they uprate them for taking the time to answer. And many ABers will figure out that they're not getting responses or ratings from those who ask, and stop answering them. They consider it simple etiquette to at the VERY least rate those who answer. And a lot of people look forward to some type of comment - at the least a "thanks", if not more. (I always try to comment on them, when I uprate a person for their answer.) Others will answer so there IS an answer, the question doesn't appear in the unanswered list, and to help those who Google Search for answers to their own (similar) questions.
  • There's no rules about it, but I think it's necessary for me to do so, as I want to thank people for taking the time to respond and offering an answer. And it's wonderful when you get to talking with people and even get to discover other things about them and you never know, they could end up being a very good friend. Some of us like to think of this place as a community, a friendly one, and the only way it gets to feeling that way for a person is through those comment threads.
  • I give all the points I can. I am a very social person on this site. I thank and comment where I want to, but Im not going to sit and thank every person for their answer every time. Heres a perfect example, a few weeks ago, I asked a question about naming the last fish you ate... It got more than 100 answers. Points to everyone, but, I didnt come here to thank people. It would take hours, and Im not interested in that. Plus, when I get a thank you, sometimes, I wonder, why did they even type it? Maybe its just me, I know some users who make a point to comment, and thank everyone and everything, even trolls, and nonsense answers... To each his own.   Thank you ☺
  • I don't think AB has any rules about it, but I learned after a couple of months of being here that is is preferred to at least give a Thank You and points for any answers you receive, even if you don't leave a more detailed comment.
  • Not necessary, but I do. I give points and comments to every answer I receive. If I don't, it's because the answer never showed up as new.. that has happened to me and I belatedly gave the points and thanks.
  • depends on what they said
  • Sometimes I comment but not always.

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