• sounds like she is in heat.
  • If your cat is in fear or frightened, the tail and back fur will stand up to give it a more intimidating look. Then again, if your cat is not altered, it maybe anticipating sexual activity. Either way, I find a bushy tail to be just one of the unspoken ways that cats communicate with each other. If you cat is not neutered, please do the responsible thing and arrange for it to be sterilized at the earliest opportunity. It's hard to find good homes for numerous kittens.
  • My cat's tails do that whenever they come near dogs, or they're chasing them, so they do it mostly when they're scared or pissed off, they're trying to scare off whoever they are frightened by. It's pretty much telling someone not to mess with them.
  • Cat's flare their tail fur (and other fur along their backs and body) to appear larger when they are threatened. It's similar to what many other animals do as a defense mechanism.
  • Because its tail is about explode! Run for cover! (non-expert opinion)
  • Its caused by a tightening of the skin. Its almost like humans when they get goose bumps.

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