• That there actually is evil in the world.
  • YES! That you're the boss in that house and you're the one running the show, and things are gonna be just as you and only you say!
  • There is a don't need to know about their unfaithful parents for one thing. They don't need to hear complaints from one parent about the other, for another thing. They don't need to be the repository for all of their parents' disappointments in life, nor be made to live lives they don't want just to "please" mummy and daddy. They don't need to be made to feel they must "succeed" 'else their parents will be so disapointed in them. Parents need to shape up or ship out! :)
  • Apparently 3/4's of what they already know. I'm amazed at what comes out of the mouths of 8 year old kids, these days !!
  • Children's brains aren't fully developed. They can't fully understand pain, death, and other very large concepts. It's best to keep it simple and to only keep it at as-needed basis when dealing with the heavier subjects.
  • Adult problems that don't concern them ;0)
  • heaps, I have treid to keep lots of things from my children until they are old enough to understand or concieve the ideas being presented, even father christmas, young ones shouldnt know the truth about it, or the tooth fairy, or the easter bunny, they shouldnt know about sexual activities, or drugs or crime, until a certain age at least.........
  • Sexuality
  • Their parents sex life.
  • what people really think about the drawings they bring home from school. My boyfriends son drew a picture at school of the three of us. He put horns on my head (hmm) I said I thought it was a very nice picture "but what are these?" I pointed to the horns. He said "oh mommy said I forgot to put those on" Hmm-"Ok little buddy" I said with a smile. What I really wanted to say was, "mommy is a real bitch you know that?"
  • No child should know how to hit their Mother's g-spot.

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