• I'd have to say MMA. Mixed Martial Arts involves basically using everything you have (speed, strength, technique, etc.) to defeat your opponent.
  • Definatley horse riding, firstly you have to be in full control of an animal and secondly the skill to compete and win against anything from 10 -300 competetiors.
  • I think riding in The Tour de France has got to be one of the most demanding sports. It lasts much longer than any other sport and requires the most stamina.
  • hockey or lacrosse... hockey is a fast paced sport, most players only stay in for 30 seconds at a time because its so demanding. Crosby has been recorded to be in the ring for more than 1 minute at a time. lacrosse is similar to hockey, fastest sport on two feet and a lot more demanding than soccer ( i played all three so trust me).
  • Gymnastics, without a doubt.
  • IMHO, it would be swimming. You're moving every part of your body in something that has huge resistance while at the same time sucking away your body heat.
  • Definitely marathon/track runners. No other sport requires you to exert yourself to that degree for such an extended periods of time. They have a lot of endurance. I can't even jog for 5 minutes! My heart hurts & I can't breathe - I don't know how they do it.
  • Jockeys--to be a winner you must have: fast reflexes, strength, brains. You must understand your horse, the other horses and the other jockeys. You are controlling a 2000 pound animal, and must see the slightest openings while knowing who is behind you, and who is on either side of you. Jockeys are the greatest athletes.

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