• lock them in a room and make them run
  • Build a wall around your sim, enough to put carpets and a fireplace, and wait. Eventually the carpet will catch fire AND THE WALLS WILL NOT LET YOUR SIM RUN ANYWHERE!!! (:
  • umm, probably GIVING BIRTH! ahah;jk. ;] But probablyy.... LOCKING THEM OUTSIDE DURING WINTER. (while it's snowing, or HAILING.) of course, you'll need seasons ;D ahah.
  • Put them in a swimming pool and then remove all ladders. Good times.
  • I love to torture my sims. So much fun. I get excellent photos because of this. Ok lets see what ways do i torture them. putting a small wall around them and denying them anything to satisfy their needs. Putting several marshmallow roasters all over the house to cause a massive blaze. Casing a single female sim to give birth to way too many screaming babies and watching her go nuts. using (insim.) and giving my sims every disease possible and watching them suffer and to add to it make the very sick sims give birth to too many babies to deal with. the period hack hehe too funny making pregnant sims miscarry ( with inteen. :p) so cruel but i cant help it waking all of the ghosts on the lot to frighten to poor sim to death. denying a sim the toilet so i can laugh while the sim pees themself. using the terrain editor, making hole in the ground and putting a sim in it. forcing the sim to stay in the bathtub or bed by surrounding it with other objects. Forcing a sim to get drunk or plastered over and over again and watching them fall to the ground. hmm thats all i can think of at the moment. imagine all of my other ways i would have if i used another ep besides nightlife!
  • Burn them! Mwhahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!
  • Ah.. Mwahaha, I have invented a few new ways to torture my pixelated people... 1) Give them as many money trees as possible, turn on free will, and build a fence around the trees. Watch the fortune sims squirm.. >:) Use boolprop snapobjectstogrid to sit more than 5 sims on top of each other, and tell them all to move away. 3) This one is a bit random, but great for hilarious torture pics (take a pic of each death, and put them one after the other): Kill off a sim, take a pic. Leave without saving, repeat many MANY times. use Rodn's dth cretr for imaginitive deaths..
  • Quick Sand 1. you build a pool. 2. get your sim to swim in it. 3. pause the game and type 'Ctrl, Shift C' 4. then type in the box that comes up 'MoveObjects on' 5. delete the pool 6. watch your sim drown in the ground! for cool viewing, spray the ground sand coloured.

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