• The list is interesting. But all I have played is card games so far. Glad to know what the youngsters are playing now!
  • I've got Fallout 3. It's fun, violence is fun, the idiot who's concerned about it probably molests his niece.
  • Just one more reason why I own two pistols. Heh!
  • I don't play video games. I play video poker (off line). I don't approve of violence. Got into an interesting conversation with someone who asked a question about whether or not violent video games promulgated violence..I said of course they do. He/she then spent a few paragraphs "setting me straight"..well, I think involving oneself in any kind of, tv, video, life...promulgates violence. So no Chris, I haven't played any of 'em. I hope you haven't either! :) ((hugs))
  • Nah. I want to play Fallout 3 though!
  • Let's see I've played 1/2 those games. Dead Space, Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead, Legendary, and Saints Row 2. If you gave me the "most violent video games" of 07, 06 and 05 I'd probably have played at least 1/2 of all those too. Tho I gotta say I'm tired of people saying "video games are the biggest influence of evil/corruption/whatever in society today." I have even done 3 separate college papers on the subject lol. I've been playing games since I was 2 years old and I'm about the nicest guy you could meet(too nice sometimes, I tend to finish last a lot lol).
  • I feel so terrible. I haven't played a single one of them. And what the hell is up with the attitude about that? They're making it sound like due to these 10 games there are hundreds of teen murders every day.
  • "• "Silent Hill: Homecoming" -- At the end of this game, the player is forced to choose between shooting his mother in the head or let a torture device rip her in half." Lol THANKS FOR SPOILING THE ENDING YOU STUPID LIST. But yeah, I've played both Homecoming and Dead Space, two very awesome games. :)
  • Every one of 'em! I've had a lot of time on my hands. But I'm up for parole next week. Wish me luck!
  • Nope. Not a one.
  • Violent video games rock and constantly make me do horrible things. I remember about 12 years ago I woke up from sleep walking and I was jumping on my brothers head screaming. "It's Me Mario!"
  • Haven't heard of most of them and haven't played any. Then again I try to steer clear of violent things as that's just not my thing.
  • Nope,,I guess I play the woosie Games;)
  • I haven't played a one in a long time. I do play computer games but they are tame.
  • I really want to play fallout 3, left4dead, dead space, saints row 2 (as the first was brilliant) and silent hill as the one on original xbox was chillingly wonderful and have no interest in the rest lol. I will get round to my mates house to play them soon, im a poor mother who cant afford many games *sobs*! I agree with previous mentions about games and the potential of children copying them. They dont need games for that, watch the news, read the papers, there are far worse atrocoties happening and those are REAL not a pixle, 3d stick man on a screen. Plus these games have age limits on them, parents need to take control.
  • No. I've fallen behind on my video game playing. I'd like to get Saints ROw 2 and Silent Hill.

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