• Why shouldn't they? Do you have them? Do manicured nails look different on black women than on the other type?
  • There aren't many black women in Vancouver....but a large portion of women in general here have manicured nails.
  • Do they?...oh...perhaps they care about their appearance ;D
  • This is a guess, this is only a guess. I can't speak to percentages of any race that have their nails done, but may be able to address your perceptation. I believe there may be a more of a trend amoung different ethnic groups to use more vibrant colors in both their dress and accessories so it may be more noticable. We all take note of what seems to be out of standard for us. For example I work for a railroad where only in the last few years women employees have become more common. Some of my coworkers draw generalities about other females based on these few and have preconceived ones formed by other women they have known - none of which may be true.
  • Probably best to discuss with blacks and see if it is really true. You may view only a certain subset and have a skewed perspective. The question isn't racist any more than asking why white women do something (color their hair blond?). Different ethnic groups sometimes do have things particular to them.
  • I think a lot of women regardless of race often have manicured nails. I don't see anymore black women with manicured nails than white women. And this question is in no way racist.
  • I am pretty sure it is the same reason white women have them too!
  • African-American people are generally very image-conscious and concerned about appearances.
  • It's a fashion statement, everyone has one and just because they are black and they like to focus on nails (just like any average women)doesn't make them any different. Latin women like gold, white women like hair and nails, hindu women they like lol, arab women have their habibs. It's just a particular fashion statement. Guys have them to, I always have to look nice whatever I wear, nothing I wear will look old or wrinkled, some guys have their hair gelled up a certain way. It's the same statement, just a different way of saying it.
  • I don't see many woman who do not manicure their nails, unless they are nail biters, or work in a field where its pointless. French manicured nails are not so obviously manicured maybe so why don't you be more specific next time in your question? Are you asking about extra long nails with all kinds of airbrushed designs? Because Latinas, Chicanas, Asians and Italian women all do it as much as Black women here.

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