• Because he spends waaaaay too much time with those nasty little elves :)!!! 5+
  • He's just like everybody else. He has his good points and his bad points. He is obsessed with his work, eats too much and probably has wicked high blood pressure. On the other hand, he is unlikely to forget to bring you a gift on each special occasion :) He's very thoughtful in that way.
  • Erm... Depends on what he does in all those houses he visits.
  • Well he's very happy, cares about everyone in the whole world, he's magical and I believe he's an honest man, he loves cookies and isn't a picky eater! I'd say he'd be a great husband.
  • Probably not, all he talks about are ho's. Probably make a better pimp.
  • he sleeps for a little over half a year and then gets up to make sure his elf "workers" are making the toys and delivers them on one night, which is pretty awesome but i dont want a lazy husband lol.
  • I think he makes a great husband.
  • He has these long over night trips, bad!! Probably smells like livestock, Not good. Always attending to those animals, bad. Has a huge labor responsibility. Huge payroll. Probably no better or worse than most spouses.
  • i say he wouldn't make a good husband for me. why? 4 reasons: 1. he's too happy. i'm an angry person and often, i enjoy bitchin and moanin about my crappy day. i couldn't handle all the good cheer. 2. he looks like he's got an appetite. i don't wanna be stuck in the kitchen all day. 3. he'd spend all our resources on making toys. 4. he wouldn't spend Christmas with me :(
  • He wouldn't be so bad as a hubby... What would we tell our kids on Christmas eve? It wouldn't work. If it did...I'm sure they will be doing some major comparing to the rest of the children on the planet.
  • LOL Santa is a control freak, plus he has a lot of people on the naughty list :D Merry Christmas cous!!!
  • I'd be wary of all the elves he always keeps around... Yahoo! :D
  • His goal is to make people happy He is good natured, good-tempered, good-humored always He employs vast numbers of elves,providing jobs to many He listens to you, to your wishes, your hopes,dreams So, all things considered, I'd say he'd make a terrific anything..son, husband, father, friend! :)
  • Besides the fact that hes not real. He wouldn't live to see your kids grow because he would die of a heart attack from not taking care of himself.
  • No point in marrying Santa unless you want to be he only comes once a year and that's down the chimney:)
  • I suppose is uniform may well induce feelings from a lot of women. So that could be a down side.

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