• i act that way back to them. find a known weakness and exploit it.
  • It's probably not the nicest thing to do, but I usually give it right back to them. My natural tendency is toward politeness, so I give that a go. If they don't get the hint, I am every bit as capable as they are at adopting the condescending attitutde. I find such attitudes uncalled for, but they obviously mean something to folks who do this, so giving it right back to them (subtly) kind of confuses them. ;)
  • Yes. I would mull over what they said to me and try to figure out if they were being mean or sarcastic. When I was younger it would really hurt my feelings. Now that I am in my 40s I usually smile or give them a dirty look before I decide to either give them a condescending reply back or just turn around or walk away. This way I can figure if I want this person as a friend or someone who is not worth my time. Life is really too short to worry about it or let it make you angry.
  • oh god. I'm fine with being shown how to do something, I've even got a pretty good tolerance for people earnestly trying to explain things that are entirely beyond my function -- one of my friends used to call me over when he was stumped on math, and try to explain it to me, because somewhere in trying to explain it to me he'd find where he was going wrong. But talking *down* to me will get me angry fast. even when I clearly made a stupid mistake, but *especially* when I know I'm right. raaaar. I get annoyed just thinking about it.
  • Oh yes, I have. I would tell them I do not appreciate being spoken to that way. If I had to continue to deal with the situation, I would ask to work with someone else.
  • I treat them like they are inferior. If there are other people around, even better. I can make them seem less important than me in front of everyone else which is more powerful.
  • Yes, everyone will or has already and will continue too as long as we have egos. As long as there are people that are in leadership positions or positions of authority over another person, they will always have a boosted ego. Depending on who it is.... I strike back in a manner that shows that person that they are not better than me, quid pro quo. When it's a situation where I have to just take it in stride (military) sometimes your only choice is too just shut your mouth and take it.
  • Many times. They are usually trying to prove something to themselves or others. I just maintain my dignity and treat them with dignity as well - but not with awe.
  • I tend to become a complete ass hole. Just a couple weeks ago I felt one of my employees was far out of line expecting to go home early and not finish his work. I let him know this. His daddy came inside to have a talk with me. His dad seeing me and thinking "hippy" and "kid", even though he knew I was the owner. He talked down to me for about 45 seconds. As I had slept for two hours out of the previous 40 I was in no mood to be spoken down to in MY restaurant. I gave him a good piece of my mind and he quickly retreated outside where he, apparently, told his son that I was right. Don't argue with me in my store.
  • I don't believe I have been. I appreciate when people go out of their way to make things easier for me, but I don't recall feeling like anyone was being condescending.
  • People have a tendency not to do that with me. That's just the way it is...and I kinda like it.
  • I usually don't even notice. More than 90% of what people say or do to me is of no real importance-wait. XD
  • Hug um and leave. Fast. Scares the hell out of them usually never bothers me again.
  • Yes. I work in a "technical" field (computers), and unfortunately there are alot of big egos in it. Too often we encounter a "Noone else knows this but me" type of a personality, and talk "down" to everyone--which sometimes makes the work environment very difficult. These are the type of people who are SO "knowledgeable", that they think they know what you're going to say--before you SAY it!!! This can lead to some unnecessarily LONG conversations!! Let's all pray for them,eh? LOL
  • Yes, I just ignore them since they don't seem to think I'm of any importance.
  • i took it bad. it wasnt just condescending it was malicious and horrible. it made me want to die.
  • Oh yeah. In my younger days lots. I was blond and cute and people thought I was a bubble head. I let it slide. Once they got to know me they knew I was no air head. But generally by the time they figured it out I had nothing to do with them anyway. My advice would be to ignore the ignorant.
  • Many, many times. When I was younger, I would get upset and not say anything. Now I get angry and show it very clearly, for the most part.

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