• Atoms are made of the same stuff, but they have different numbers of protons, neutrons and electrons which make them unique. They react with other atoms and stick to each other in different ways, which make different substances.
  • Well atoms are made of electrons, protons and neutrons and other stuff but all atoms are not the same. Bread and cookies are made of wheat, sugar and butter but are not the same although they share some ingredients. Even paste can be made of wheat but it is quite different from bread. The way ingredients are mixed within an object can make it quite different from something else made of the same ingredients or basic components.
  • The arrangement of atoms makes all the difference including the number of sub-atomic particles orbiting their nuclei.
  • All atoms are not the same. Atoms are of a certain element depending on how many protons they have. Ex: Hydrogen atoms have one proton. Carbon atoms have six. Atoms of the same element can also differ in number of neutrons and electrons. And finally, how atoms are arranged determines what they make up. For example, depending how you arrange those carbon atoms, you can get graphite or diamond.
  • As others have stated, atoms are all made from the same particles, but in different proportions. The number of protons in an atom defines the element. Additionally, the number of proton determines number of electrons the atom will have and this is where the difference in them really kicks in because it is the number of electrons that determines how the atom will form chemical bonds if it will at all. This, in combination with the other atoms involve, determines the nature of the compounds created as they combine.
  • Atom arrangement makes the difference.
  • Atoms are not the same. Different elements are made of different atoms. Because the atoms of different elements are different, they have different chemical properties. This allow them to build various compounds. They have also different physical properties.
  • Atoms are made of pe

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