• I hope not....cause if you can I need to stop using the dryer as an iron.
  • you cant over dry. just like if something is dead, once its dead its dead, you cant over die you cant over dry.
  • Your cloths shrink
  • They could shrink if left in there long enough. The dryer also wears clothes out faster, its just a fact. So the longer you leave it in there time after time over and over, it will start to wear on your fabric. I choose not to dry certain articles of clothing because they were expensive and I want them to last. Its true that leaving out the dryer step can prolong the life of some of your clothes. Most things I do dry, its just easier but there are things I remove to drip dry so hopefully they last longer.... jeans, expensive bras, etc. This is especially true with undergarments.
  • Depending on the type of fabric some can melt and end up with breakdown in fabic strength
  • not really - I think! but I do know that if they get too hot the elastic will burn and you can burn yourself on the zipper
  • Yeh, they get dehydrated and need to be put on a drip ;0)
  • when your clothes are overdried they shrink and harden. Some white fabrics even turn slightly yellowish.
  • i tend to over dry some clothes, nothing happens really that i can see:)
  • Oh yes. I like to take things like jean and knit things out before they are completely dry. That way, they last longer and don't shrink or fade as much.
  • You can save yourself a lot of ironing if you take clothes out piece by piece, while keeping the dryer going as you remove items. If you remove the lighter items first when they are just barely dry, and continue checking an removing progressively heavier items, then they won't sit in the hot dryer as a heavy heap pressing in wrinkles.
  • yes you can I just recently over dried my work clothes they were almost literally burnt the dryer was smoking and my clothes were all shriveled and falling apart and burnt colored not to mention very hot i burned my hands trying to take them out the blisters still hurt, anyways the point is I didn't know it was possible either until i put too many quarters in at the laundry mat and sat in my car like an idiot and lost track of time.
  • What, so they have a negative amount of moisture? If your dryer is functioning properly, it can't overheat to the point of danger, and if the timer isn't broken it won't just run forever. If you defeated the safety switch, and hot-wired the timer, I suppose you could just burn your clothes, and then your house down.
  • Yes, as others have pointed out, it wears clothes out, but if you go to a laundromat and they have gas dryers and you leave them in too long they can burn your clothes. In addition to what others have said, like melting, I've had my clothes come out of the laundromat dryer smelling burned.

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