• the garden the kitchen the area the neighbours accessibility
  • Kitchen space Layout of floor plans Traffic of area Yard space Neighborhood ambience
  • 1-LAND 2-LAND 3-LAND 4-Creek 5-Something to live in.
  • neighborhood floor plans heating isolation bathroom
  • Availability of very high speed internet, safe neighborhoods, fast access to comprehensive health care, proximity to schools, and quality infrastructure (roads, etc).
  • I look for a place that an outdoor cat could live safely. I like places at the end of Not A Through Streets. If I have to drive an extra five or ten miles to locate my retreat, wonderful. rural, in town can be rural. two bedrooms, two and a half baths is the new requirement. off street parking if possible.
  • I-It has to allow cats, and have some place outside they can lounge around safely. II-Rent, lol. III-The latter doesn't influence my decision much, but I have to know right away if things like electricity is included in the rent or not. IV-Space for washing and drying machine. V-What kind of people live in the place. I don't want to move in some place full of alcoholics who will keep me up or knock on my door at eight in the morning asking for cigarettes.
  • Location - Proximity to work, school and nature. Price - Can I afford it. Construction - Well built with decent lot. Layout - Number of rooms, their sizes and features. Neighbors - Crummy neighbors will negate any of the above. Learned the hardway on my first house took the homeowners word that they all were nice - Next door were A$$#@!&$, now we knock on doors and see for ourselves!
  • 1. Safety 2. Availability of public transport 3. Functioning and clean bathroom 4. At least two bedrooms 5. Good neighbors
  • If or not its in a peaceful area......What shape is the place in?......What the cost will be in the long run.....How far is it from work?.....And if its to far away from town, that my homeowners ins:, would not cover it in a fire or flood. Meaning if its in a low area like near the river side, or to far away for a Fire Dep: to get to it in time. You may want to check with your homeowners ins, before buying........Good Luck.
  • 1. Money for the mortgage payment. 2. Money for the property tax payment. 3. Money for the utilities payment. 4. Money for every damn thing else. 5. And, oh, yeah, if the 'fridge is big enough to hold my beer.
  • 5. price 4. washer and dryer in unit 3. location 2. traffic to work 1. how close it is to my girlfriend
  • Location Size Cost interior/exterior Most of all do I feel its right!!
  • price, location, size, crime rate, population (don't want to be in an overpopulated area where you're always waiting in traffic)

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