• Gives a good answer to your question. In brief, Soviet Russia wanted to shore up a failing Communist government and stop the spread of western influence across central Asia. The difficulty for Russia, and indeed for today's US and UK troops, is that the Afghan people have a very different culture and don't want to change in the ways that we want them to change. True, Russia could have used all its might and crushed the Afghan people, but other political motives stopped that. Eventually Gorbachev decided that the cost in human life was not worth the continued toe-hold in the area. Since then US have wanted an excuse to invade and modernise the country. Their efforts are proving just as futile, and the Afghan people will continue as they have long after we decide to abandon our positions and admit defeat.
  • to steal their fancy rugs
  • I found info on look for the question on why invade.. It looks different at first but you will find it. I did. I also found information at: and if you need more info, go to but ask doesn't always get you the info you need so use the websites above, I hope it helps...:P

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