• I'd begin including them in the cooking process, but very carefully, as soon as they can speak and stay reasonably still for it.
  • I was taught around 5
  • I'd start with how to boil water to make noodles and how to boil an egg. Maybe scrambled eggs or grilled cheese sandwiches as an easy first experiment.
  • My mom started teaching me when I was 6.....I still can't cook.
  • you can never start to early -just teaching the basics and keeping everything simple is a great way to get your kids started. -my 4 year old doesn't have to ask me to make him top-ramen anymore ^-^
  • teaching kids to cook at the age of when they know how to use their hands properly ...or maybe the age of 6 maybe and then at 11 or 12 teach em to properly handle a knoife under supervision! i taught my lil cousin just that, now he wants to be a chef like me (but shhh! im not really a chef)
  • i think from 5 years kids can taught cooking.
  • There is no minimum age as it is. If the child has an aptitude then it will start helping when as young as 5 years old. It is through the process of helping that the child starts learning. If you try teaching a child without an aptitude not much success can be expected.
  • Probably about 5 is a good age. It's really important to teach your kids how to cook so they can take care of themselves when they get older and don't have to go out for every meal. So many people just don't cook anymore.
  • About 5
  • As soon as they are able to stand. Kids learn a lot by simply watching you cook, so having them in the kitchen from a very young age can be a great help. As soon as they are able to, start giving them little tasks.
  • whenever they ask you how, or ask them if they want to learn whenver they can see above the stoves and pots they are using
  • I started mine as soon as they could stir, a few years old, they are adults now and love to cook.
  • Any time, as long as they know the stove is "hot" and you are the one that put things in and takes things out. I let my son watch and hand me things sometimes and hes only 2. But he still likes to watch and see what I'm doing.
  • It would be my wife would probably be the one to do the teaching. I told her nicely that if she started teaching the children to cook, I'd contact Child Protective Services on 'er! (She intended.)
  • I would say either 3 or 4, they can help mix something or help pat some meatloaf or anything just watch them carefully
  • I would wait till I was at least 25
  • Usually when their capable of sitting up on their own.
  • From the earliest they can do little things, like tear up lettuce leaves or shuck peas, stir a pot. My mom says she started when I was about 3. I was doing a roast chicken and mashed potatoes by the time I was 6-7 years old with my mom's help. And by 9-10 I could do a whole dinner easily by myself, ready for when they would get home.
  • my anut taught me how to cook when i was 13 so try that age and see what happens
  • Have them start out young. LIke 3 0r 4. They can start helping with things like cookies and brownies. And from there increase the difficulty in recipes.
  • I grew up in the kitchen with my mom. She always had something for me to do that was age appropriate.
  • My daughter was the kind of kid that wanted to help daddy with whatever he was doing, so I let her help me. She probably started helping me at age 3. It worried her mama but I never left her alone at the stove. She did learn the hard way that pans can get hot but nothing serious. Now at twenty she is always inventing dishes to serve to me and her hubby.
  • I cooked for the first time when i was 7

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