• That's a easy one, Few becuase it is AB not CB XD
  • Few Usually one liners. Ratio of comments versus questions: 4.21 is to 1 Ratio of comments versus answers: 0.57 is to 1 (I hope I got those figures right) One or two exchange rounds. I used to prefer long threads, but many people won't listen to reason anyway so I've stopped. I don't see the point of taking part in a long comment thread where many people won't listen. It's a waste of time - I'd rather go out and exercise, or walk my dog.
  • I enjoy comments, sometimes short others quite long and I enjoy discussions on comment threads. I am sad that a lot of people that we all interacted together are no longer active. I am almost 1:1 on answers and comments. It is too late to try to work out 670 ratio to about 23,000 but that is Questions to comments.
  • All depends on the answer, conversation level, and mood. It can be anything from a Thanks, +6 to a small diatribe of my life's story. One just never knows :D
  • You'd probably know better than anyone.
  • I have not asked any question for the past month or so. So the need to comment arises only when a comment is posted to my answer or when another answer catches my attention. My comments are usually 4-5 line paragraphs explaining in unequivocal terms what I want to say. Often this results in long threads of conversation lasting several days which I very much enjoy. To me - every dialog must come to its logical conclusion. Not a forced stop.
  • Very few comments. Most of them one liners. I have answered 10250 questions and have only commented 879 times. I quess I am not very chatty. I have enjoyed the few threads I have been in.
  • Questions: 803 Answers: 6197 Comments: 14015 I've commented a whole lot more than I thought I have.
  • I try to keep comments, and answers for that matter, short and to the point. If the question or answer requires a longer message, I'll be more verbose.
  • Loads. 186 questions. 6940 answers. 14984 comments. I really should shut up.
  • I comment on every answer I get. It can be a simple 'Thanks for answering :)' or a comment, then 'Thanks for answering' or a really long thread about something only vaguely relevant to the question.
  • I don't know if I have a lot to say but I certainly do say a lot. Almost 46,500 comments with no signs of shutting up;)
  • well I always try to add a comment even if its just Thank you or your welcome. It all depends on the answer as to how in depth comment goes. Questions-18 Answers-2556 Comments-1029

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