• Not at all. They've seen EVERYTHING.
  • The last time I went to the GYN I kept my socks on because I was embarrassed about cracked skin on my feet. It's his/her job to examine the health and conditions of vaginas of all shapes, colors, sizes and appearances. Don't think they care either way as long as it is freshly showered.
  • that would be perfect as it a sign of well being.the doctor would like it.
  • it is their job NOT to care
  • Hope not! I'm headed there next week and always keep mine trimmed.
  • do you want to shave first of all? i wax down there and have for years i am 33. i have went to the ob/gyn many times and nothing was ever said about not having hair down there. if that is what you want to do then do it. i have delivered 3 babies and even the doctor which was male never said a thing. i hope this helps you. a side note my husband also waxes and has gone to the doctor that way also.
  • I shave mine. And no I wouldn't be nervous, except about the price. I was nervous, my first time. Then again, I was a virgin.
  • I haven't been in for GYN exam in a long time, but back when I used to I ALWAYS made sure to "groom" for looks! I never shaved though. And I'm always nervous... which is why I haven't been in for an exam in so long!
  • Your doctor doesn't care about how u groom ur vag. Think about all the grey elderly, yeast infected crab filled vagina they see every month. Your hair is the least of their concerns. In fact if I were u I'd grow it out- maybe add extensions.

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