• apparently about the same as men, or even more. there was a study done on it. (women just keep it to themselves more then men, hehehe)
  • Males have double the brain space and processing power devoted to sex as females. Just as women have an eight-lane superhighway for processing emotion while men have a small country road, men have O'Hare Airport as a hub of processing thoughts about sex whereas women have the airfield nearby that lands small and private planes. That probably explains why 85 percent of twenty- to thirty-year-old males think about sex every fifty-two seconds and women think about it once a day -- or up to three or four times on their most fertile days. - source site @ - No, I read most of it, but I have a lot on my plate at the moment to absorb all of this.
  • I think about it probably six times a day. sometimes more ..
  • I think about it on average 6 times a day.. sometimes more
  • Often. It's just not polite for us to talk about it.
  • ha I think about it lie.
  • all of the time :)
  • Not as often as I think about forplay, spanking, humiliation, and lust in general. Now that I think of it, though, many of those end in sex.
  • Some just as much or more than men.
  • omg all the time!
  • I'm no expert but I'd hazard a guess at considerably more than men. They perhaps don't talk about the physical side of it as much as men, but one of the things that has always annoyed me about my own gender is that we're obsessed with sex and relationships. Men think about sex a lot, but most of them also think a lot about their jobs, about sport, about cars, about which Radiohead album is the best and whether they can upgrade their computer themselves. Maybe they even think about politics, current affairs, philosophy, science. A lot more women than men have lives that revolve entirely around sex. They spend ridiculous amounts of time worrying about being single, or being married to the wrong guy or wondering whether the guy who came to fix the computer or their car fancies them. Most stereotypical female interests involve sex in some way: fashion and make up (making some guy think you're sexy), chic flicks (fantasising about how some guy might have sex with you for the rest of his life), dancing (a "vertical expression of a horizontal desire") it's all sex. Men watch men play sport becaus ethey like sport. Women watch men play sports because they fancy the players. Something happens to girls when they hit puberty - you can be incredibly clever, you can be a potential prima ballerina, or champion showjumper. You could be the next Marie Curie- but somehow none of that seems to matter when you think you might get a chance to snog the face off that cute guy in the year above. EMn seem to be able to think about sex all the time (alledgedly) and still have other things that are more important, that nothing will get in the way of - and women seem somehow to be less capable of that. For girls, sex always gets in the way. Seriously, maybe we're less physical about it, maybe we enjoy the power of being chased, maybe we say "love" when what we mean is "sexual attraction" but women are way, way more obsessed with sex than men are.
  • Way too much!
  • I can tell my wife thinks about it nearly 24/7 bacause just a brush in the right place is a trigger for an endevor of the carnal kind.
  • I believe thatb women think about sex all the time cos hey are always thinking about babies, and for most women sex = babies and commitment.
  • Not often enough!
  • The more the merrier.
  • more than u think, more than we tell. i think i leaked a secret. lol
  • Someone told me a statistic that guys, on average think about sex a least once every 3-5 minutes… I would say girls are about the same... (we just hide that stuff better) ;-P
  • constantly lately which tells me im not getting enough. lol
  • It's not a matter of how often, it's a matter of how often with me.
  • Women think about sex just as much as guys. Just women arnt ads open to talk about it. Most guys feel completly comfortable shouting out their horny while most girls would keep it to them selfs.
  • 6 times a day ? I think about it 6 times between the time my alarm goes off in the AM and my eyes actually opening.
  • a lot!!
  • more often than I don't
  • I think about it everyday at least. When I have a lover which I do now, I think about it many times through out the day.

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