• He was very important, he taught me survival skills.
  • important that men are nice and cry.
  • I have always loved my dad, but when you grow up in a divorced family you learn that men are only as important as you let them be! I learned things from my dad, but the things I learned where things like never let a man manipulate you into doing things you don't want to do, and always be your self because it is harder to be someone your not! You know the important things!
  • He wasn't at all. My father is a homless bum drug addict and I'm getting my master's degree right now. He is a stranger to me which I don't feel bad about after I met him. I'm still in search of a father-figure but all the good ones seem to be taken.
  • Important. I've learnt a lot of things from him, I suppose. To use humour to my advantage. To be honest, he's dead honest. None of that 'I love you so much', spoiling me kind of stuff. But I've never expected it.
  • I've learned to be uncompromising, at times. For better or worse.
  • My dad is an important role model. But not in a good way. He has taught me not to marry a guy like him, or become like him in any way. It's tough not being able to have a male role model that i can look up to.
  • He was important in my development, even though he was absent form the ages of 6months-4 years and 8-15years. Between the ages of 4-8, he was a negative influence, I learnt alot of negative things and was exposed to negative things like smoking, drinking and some pretty weird people. Then whilst I didnt know him it was negative and positive because I realllly wanted to know him, but by choice I didnt out of fear, because of my mum, long story. But now 15 and up, he has really cleaned up, I have learnt to tell mum when to stop talking badly about him. We get along well now and its all positive
  • That it is ok ro rape children. That's what I learned!
  • I didn't grow up with my dad and had very little exposure to him, as I only saw him for 1 month a year during summer. Nevertheless, I learned patience, tolerance and respect.
  • My Uncle (Mother's brother) was the important one for me. He was the main male "positive" role model in my life until his death a couple of years ago. Sure do miss him!!
  • not at all! I learned how much it hurt to be abandoned by my father. I learned that his sex life was more to him than kids kids. As adults,neither myself, nor either of my brothers, have anything to do with him.
  • Past, present, and future....I will value my father with high-importance. He taught me give..give..give. He taught me to accomplished without the use of conscious means. I admire he knowledge and wholehearted charity. He also taught me Statics & Strengths of stuff!
  • I do love my dad. However, my parents were divorced because he cheated and was too controlling. I blame a lot of my feelings of mistrust on him. In my current relationships I find myself needy for assurance. It's all his fault! :)
  • My father and stepfathers taught me a whole lot about how NOT to pick a man. The man I married is nothing like any of them.
  • He is one of the most important people in my life. He taught me guys only want one thing and will say or do anything to get it. It kept me from believing all the BS teenage boys tell girls to get in their pants. He also taught me he and my mom love me unconditionally. I have never been scared to tell him anything about what was going on in my life. I know he is the one person who will always protect me, keep me safe, and stand up for me no matter what my age.
  • My dad taught me that some men can be munipulative and rude...and that what he wanted was more important to him then his family was...but on a happy note...i did learn alot about what to look for and avoid in men...and it also taught me how strong I am as a person...So overall happy with everything :)
  • My dad's a /great/ role model. He's smart, collected, and confident without being arrogant- he stands up for himself when it's important, but doesn't mind being the butt of a good-natured joke, and he's capable of goofing off. He works hard and is always good to his family. While he takes life seriously, he doesn't take /himself/ too seriously. However, being raised by such great people (both my mom and dad are wonderful) has given me high standards for /other/ people. I base my perception of how other people should be off of my parents, and unfortunately most people pale in comparison. At the same time, I also hold myself to the same standards- I expect myself to be all of the good things that my dad is, and so sometimes reminding myself of what he would do or how he would handle something helps me be a better person.
  • From my father, I learned to fear and loath any man that yells. On a side note, if you walk onto a construction site like you belong there and tell the workers to do something, they’ll do it without question.
  • i learned to never trust a man
  • All men cheat. And when I told my father what my husband was doing...he actually asked me if I wanted him to talk to my husband...what a joke
  • My father always gave into my mother. Most of the time he also gave into the wishes of my brother. I didn't have the tools to wrap him around my finger.
  • Independece, faithfulness, responsibility, loyalty as a husband and a father. My parent have been married for 42 years now.
  • My father is a very important role model and he is probably one of the only people I can absolutely trust with anything. Yeah, he might get frustrated when I don't listen, but I KNOW that he cares. He will tell me what I need to hear, even if it means me hating him. Maybe I'll get pissed off if he dares to challenge my beliefs, but that's because I just want to be right. I am a very stubborn person. That doesn't stop him from trying to knock sense into my head when the need calls for it. I have learned so much from him that a simple thank you is not enough to describe just how much I have learned. He dares to be bold. He dares to speak his mind. He even admits he's not perfect. That's the part about my dad that is the most awesome. He will tell everything that happened in a situation to the best of his ability, even if it makes him look like a piece of shit to everyone else because he values honesty and integrity. He is not afraid to apologize when he truly should apologize. He is not afraid to say NO and mean it. If anyone can wake me up and shove me back into reality, it's him. He says things how he sees them. I have grown to know my dad a lot throughout the eighteen years I've known him and I have mad respect for him. He puts his family first above his job. He puts his family first above everyone else except God, who He absolutely and truly believes in. He is a very nice person, but he doesn't tolerate people walking all over him and his kindness when he has authority over them, and even when he doesn't. He loves my mother and talks to her and just lets her talk to him and listens to her. He's not afraid to tell her his real opinions and comfort her in her time of need. He lets her be herself. He takes very good care of his family and isn't afraid to be called stupid. He is a very, very forgiving man....and he understands a lot about the world. He is intelligent and completely logical. He doesn't take shit from anyone. He is not a push over, but he is not an asshole, either. He doesn't bring up my mother's past against her. In fact, he lets it go and loves her anyway, no matter what faults and flaws she might have. He loves her exactly for who she is, even if other people think that he should leave. He cares about her more than anyone has ever cared about her and his ears are always opened for her. It's so obvious he loves her. That is what a father should be and how a father should act. I am actually proud to call him my dad, even if he may never know that this is what I think of him.
  • There are things I look for in a man that remind me of my dad- like a strong guy who is the funny socialite, a disciplined, responsible guy who is particular on things like being well groomed, punctual, cooks and does his own laundry- oh, and has tatoos (my Dad was in the Navy!). But some things remind me of him that I have to stay clear of- like the guy who interrogates you, bad temper-blows up if you happen to change plans, or doesn't know how to be a parent to his kids. The worst thing about my dad is he has let his 2nd wife brainwash him. He allowed her to mistreat us and act like we were in the way. He let it effect his relationship with his own mother, his children and even his friends. It's sad.

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