• They were measured as time spans during the reign of the monarch, or successions of monarchs. You hear this in at least one place in the bible, where they say something to the effect of "And so it came to pass in year [x] of the reign of Herod the Great . . . "
  • Im not sure but their were probably many different systems depending in where you were in the world
  • 3-4-2017 The system was introduced by Bishop James Ussher around AD 1600. Prior to that people just didn't express much interest in keeping track of the years except in reference to the current king's reign.
  • The Egyptians had a true system, but a slight inaccuracy meant that a particular day of the year cycled through all the seasons in about a thousand years. So every thousand years or so they would have a year left over. They partied for a year! Then things were straight & they started over. Their civilization lasted long enough for about three "party" years.

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