• Me. The proverbial inability to get out of my own way;)
  •'s called self doubt!
  • Yes, it is a very personal trauma from my past that I can not get out of my mind. I find it keeping me from developing a healthy adult relationship. Maybe a hypnotist could help?
  • temptations
  • the fact that I finally realized that it wasn't all his fault, and that there's nothing I can do to change the past.
  • Oh, OH, Dark Cloud... The black smoke on Lost makes me feel powerless...
  • there are dark clouds..but I am not powerless...sometimes I allow the clouds to cast their shadow on me...but all I have to do is step into the light and once again I am free and full of hope.
  • God has control of my life. I am just along for the ride. Sometimes it's rollercoaster and sometimes it's canoe ride on a smooth lake. But, it's always interesting.
  • There used to be and it was called my first wife, but now I'm divorced and remarried, the dark cloud has turned to pure sunshine.
  • its my health and not excepting my limitations. I am trying though.:)
  • Obama and his black separatist wife!
  • Nope..not one dark cloud so age 71 that is pretty doggone lucky I'd say! :) ((hugs))
  • There was, but the skies seem to be clearing.
  • estranged son.
  • My Daughter's life and future when I'm gone, I'm doing everything that I can to insure economic and educational well being but I worry that when I'm gone who will look out for her. I set up my insurance so that when I'm gone she will get some fat checks over a 5 year peiod, I already have enough saved for any education she want's ( my life revolve's around my Daughter) but I still worry, honestly it wakes me up at night.
  • Too many to put down here. I just have to take it one day at a time and try not to think about it.
  • Thanks Rickster, I will try it out!
  • the only dark cloud that exists in my life is the ability to not get past the past. Sometimes you feel like the past encroaches on your life especially if it has left you with a certain amount of mental scarring. I think in order to get past this you have to get past the scarring.. is the best way to do this to forgive and forget or try to understand why things in the past bother you so much? Mine is that i haven't made friends with the right people in the past. My love is limitless but people seem to take the piss out of me because of this (they know they get away with it) the way i have coped with this is to eradicate them from my life completely, but this hasn't always solved the problems because i ask myself am i doing the right thing? Or am I just being oversensitive.
  • It's my health. I used to be perfectly healthy, but struggle with my health for about 3 years now. Having ME/CFS I should actually be very happy (and I am most of the time) that I am where I am now, because I used to be a lot more ill then I am today. I was at the point of not being able to walk for more then a few minutes, and right now I work 24 hours a week, and I will soon go to the tropics for 10 weeks. I did not know if travelling was ever gonna be possible for me again. Still, I'm on about 66% of what I should be if I was healthy. I became ill when I was 34 so I consider myself to be still young. It's not always easy to accept that there are still many things I can't do, that my life has drastically changed and I do not know if it will ever be like it used to be. Then again, I am very very lucky with where I am standing now, as things could be so much worse!! I'm not completely powerless though. Even though I can't control the fact that I became ill, I do what I can to prevent it from getting worse, and to get better. Watching my balance did a lot of good for me!
  • you hang on, and be patient, and BELIEVE in yourself and that "soon" you will be powerful again!!
  • The limitations this shell has!But I have to do it this way only!
  • My mother.
  • 1.Things which are beyond my control..Terrorist Holdup. 2. I feel really helpless when I see people abusing their lives, living meaninglessly just like stray cats and dogs, without a purpose. It makes me angry but that anger hurts me only because such people don't even realize that they are wasting themselves, their existence n the purpose of their lives. Oh! How DARK all this is!
  • yes, not having enough friends to hang out with, i hate that
  • being out of work

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