• I dont think so because sometimes. If the officer sees you weaving or driving like a drunk, then that would be cause to pull you over.
  • Nope. He'll make up a reason for pulling you over and the judge will belive him before even letting you speak pathetic isn't it.
  • Yes, but it is unlikely that the officer lacked cause. The officer does not need probable cause to believe you were drunk, although that would certainly be enough. He could pull you over for any violation. For example, missing license plate, illegal tint, burnt out light, fail to signal, speed violation, etc.
  • the officer said that my plates were expired and thats what he pu;lled me over for, but I justed purchased my vehicle and have temp. plates, so does the officer still have probable cause to have pulled me over?
  • If you had been drinking, I think that's cause enough!
  • no,because a cop doesn't need a reason to pull you over,and if he did need a reason he would just lie about it any way.
  • even if he didnt have reason he might make up a reason but not many lawyers would challenge it in court, at least not any that wouldnt cost a fortune. it sucks trust me i know i have lost my license many times for many different reasons speeding tickets driving while under the influence of cocaine then caught driving with no license lost my license for driving after consumption of alcohol by a minor i blew a .02 but i was only 18. really sucks here in rural NC
  • Probably not, because you can get ticketed for being drunk even if you're sitting in your car passed out and parked at the curb.
  • Well I doubt it because you were still endangering the lives of others.
  • State troopers and state police do not need a reason to stop a motorists. the law gives them the authority to check to see if you have a current drivers license. Any other charges, stemming from this stop, is legal and admissable in court. Just think, if you had not been drinking and driving, you would not be asking this question.
  • Nope..and stop drinking and driving..chances are the accident you have, you will survive..but someone innocent might not! :)

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