• Yeah polar bears and Siberian tigers (although I would be scared sh**less
  • I would love to go on an African Safari, if they werent wild, I would love to get up close with all of them.
  • I would love to see the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker in the wild, and also the Tasmanian Wolf. Both are deemed to be extinct, though many people claim they still exist and have seen them countless times over the years.
  • I love seeing any kind of animal in the wild, if that is where they should be. Even here in upstate NY, I'm thrilled to see an osprey fishing and flying around our pond, or the beavers working the dam, a bear turning over logs, an otter playing in the water. I'd love to see polar bears and African wildlife. I'd love to see the colorful parrots and birds in central America and so much more
  • I would like to see a Tiger in the wild. It should not be all that difficult as I live very close to a Tiger sanctuary. I hear the first sight of a Tiger will be a most memorable experience. It is the first look that remains in memory for ever, I am told. I must find a way soon to catch my first glimpse of the wild Tiger.
  • I wish a lion would let me cuddle it. They are so wild, but so prescious.
  • dolphins and whales, although Im lucky where I live, we do see them from time to time, just in July, while on holiday in the gold coast, I saw a humpback whale and her baby calf gently oving along the coast, they were just heading north, it was magnificent ! :) I see dolphins at our various beaches in NZ from time to time ! :)
  • I'd like to see a jackalope.
  • The Tarsier and the Brown Mouse Lemur would be Awesome to come across. I would love to spend lots of time just observing these adorable animals.
  • It is one of my goals in life to meet and get to know an orang-utan, i LOVE them, they are my fav animals ;0)
  • id like to touch one of those magical toads...with my tongue :)
  • I'd love to see a salt water crocodile, a tiger, or a rhinoceros in the wild. However, I have no desire to touch any of them because even if I could do it safely, I feel that I'd be intruding into their environment. I'd like to swim with dolphins and I think that I could touch them without being intrusive.
  • A black panther. A tiger. On a different tack, did you ever see Sigourney Weaver's film "Gorillas in the Mist"? I loved that movie.

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