• it is only water so said blessed by the priest religion is lies only lies. thought be careful in the church the water has been touched by 1000's can be full of germs after some time
  • I wouldn't doubt it. They can just alternate from that and plain water so they can deem those worthy instead of god. Because I DO doubt that it would burn people with evil hearts, though I do want to test this information out...
  • Its water blessed by a priest.
  • I know the whole acid story sounds way more funny, but its just water blessed by a priest. Why did it burn you? Are you missing fingers or something? ;) JK
  • The original question before any later changes if any is: What's REALLY in holy water? When they say "it burns people who have evil hearts..." --- Is it secretly mixed with hydrochloric acid or what? My answer is: I spent some time as an alter boy in catholic school on weekends when I was a kid.There are Catholic Churches all over the world. They all have big bowls of holy water near the entrance after you pass thru any door. Perhaps you should just pick a random Catholic Church near your house & walk inside the door & dip your hand in the holy water bowl & smell it. It smells to me like the incense the catholic priests sometimes burn in the church during some masses. hope this helps answer your question. gave you 2 pts i.e 10 to 12 pts for good question.
  • They should put LSD in the holy water and make everyone take a sip. Then we'll see what's really in people's hearts. Hehe

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