• Actually, dogs that bark a lot will get a hoarse throat. After many hours barking their voice will change and he will be a little softer in tone. But we never check our dogs for a sore throat after they finally stop barking so we really don't notice it LOL!!! But anyway, the reason that they can bark longer than we can yell, is our vocal cords are different. Ours are thin bands of flesh in our throats, that we can vibrate at many different frequencies, to produce a wide range of sounds necessary for language. They are very sensitive to small changes in their stretch. As a result, they can be damaged easily, especially after yelling for a while. A dog's vocal cords weren't made for talking, just making sounds. So their vocal cords are much thicker and less sensitive. As a result, they aren't easily damaged by constant use. So a dog can bark a long time before getting worn-out vocal cords!
  • I don't know. But i sure wish my dogs would lose their voice!
  • They know when to stop to save the old vocal cords.
  • habituated.
  • Because when that happens, they drink from the toilet.

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