• Mexican food varies by region, because of local climate and geography and ethnic differences among the indigenous inhabitants and because these different populations were influenced by the Spaniards in varying degrees. The north of Mexico is known for its beef production and meat dishes; southeastern Mexico, on the other hand, is known for its spicy vegetable and chicken-based dishes. Veracruz-style is a common method of preparing seafood. There are also more exotic dishes, cooked in the Aztec or Maya style, with ingredients ranging from iguana to rattlesnake, deer, spider monkey, and even some kinds of insects. This is usually known as comida prehispanica (or prehispanic food), and although not very common, is relatively well known. A distinction must be made between truly authentic Mexican food, and the Cal-Mex (Californian-Mexican) and "Tex Mex" (Texan-Mexican) cuisine. Mexican cuisine combines with the cuisine of the southwest United States (which itself has a number of Mexican influences) to form Cal-Mex and Tex-Mex cuisine. Another style of cuisine that is commonly mistaken for Mexican food is New Mexican cuisine, which can be found in, of course, New Mexico, USA. If you're thinking of the many taco salad-type joints you find in the states, those aren't a good representation of "real" Mexican cuisine. It's pretty much fast-food Mexican, not much of a step up from Taco Bell.
  • That's not true of real authentic Mexican food anymore than it's true of American or Italian or French food. What commonly gets called Mexican food her in the USA is not your typical food of all Mexico. Actually what is thought of as being Mexican food here is only finger food, snacks, as in tacos, burritos, and enchiladas. There is so much variety out there in the Real Mexico, each region having their own specialties. But we will probably not see those unless we search for them or make them on our kitchens as Americans are convinced that Taco Bell IS Mexican food:-( We just made chile rellenos last night but they weren't canned chiles, they were flame roasted poblanos. We filled them with 2 different types of Mexican cheese, not cheddar or jack and chorizo. We made our own sauce to pour over them from dried chiles. This made it a whole new dish. IT was fabulous and beyond anything I have eaten anywhere in a Mex place in the US.
  • because you're eating tex mex and not authentic mexican food.

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