• Not very well. If I say "No" she will usually say, "Oh he is at grandma's house, it is ok" She spoils them, but I guess that is her job.:)
  • NO. She will take my daughter out of time-out if she is crying. And she gives her soda after I ask her not to. She spoils her rotten. My daughter can be a terror when she comes back from Nanna's.
  • I pretty much make my mom listen. I try to anyways. She will let my daughter do something, or have something, and I will just raise hell until she stops letting her do it lol.
  • Yes. She lets me in charge and doesn't want to interfere in between, unless if I would ask her to.
  • No. She's really weak when it comes to discipline, so anything I do to check my child's behavior is always too harsh in her opinion. She spoils them and It's really hard to understand why she doesn't see it my way.
  • I lost her when I was seven ,, but if she was here , I KNOW that she would be of a great help !!
  • No way!! My mother thinks she is the mother to me and my children. She will actually try to fuss at me in front of my children when I am having to discipline them, then of coarse me and my mom start fussing. She has those grandchildren sooo spoiled. But I guess that is what grandparents are for. However they do need to remember how they wanted us to be taught when we were children. My mother did not let me do any of the crap that my daughter can get by with.
  • My Mom is great and we listen to each other all the time,and everything works out great.
  • My son was born in Massachusetts and my mom lived in Los Angeles. We moved back to California when he was three. I don't remember ever asking her what to do, nor her telling me what I should be doing. My ex-mother-in-law who did live in Massachusetts was a nurse so if I had any questions I always called on her. :)
  • If I'm around it's my rules.Doesn't matter whos house or where we are.If she has them and I'm not around it's her rules.I also make them mind her when she asks them to do something.
  • my mother doesnt listen to me on anything including my kids. i wouldnt mind so much but i have more experience of raising children than her, i have been raising children 21yrs now and raised four of my own and 6 of my families children, whereas she had me and my brother and was abusive.:)
  • Well, yes she does listen to me . She may not agree with me but she does listen.
  • i've never had a mother and when i was raising my children i often wished i had someone i could go to ask questions, hear advice or stories of what worked or didn't work for her when she was raising her children!
  • I don't have children yet, but I know my mother ALL too well! She'll listen on the important things but slide on the usual grandma things like sweets, staying up late, that sort of thing.
  • No and I resent her for it.
  • my mother never interfered. My ex-mother-in-law only did once.

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