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  • Sometimes yes...sometimes no.
  • No cause all their blood rushes to one spot, the cold blooded devils, but they sure cry foul on a girl
  • Sometimes they do if they know her but a lot of times they might just do something they think nothing is wrong with but we will feel hurt by it. Which there is no way to know unless they get to know us. I think this includes stupidity and boorishness and possibly bragging as well. But let's face it - I think a lot of people do spend too much time just looking for hurt which is not because if we look for something chances are we will find it.
  • Speaking as a guy, I cannot deny that their are jerks out there - BOTH female and male by the way. (I had one guy friend who adored this gal and did everything he could think of to make her happy. She basically spit on him and ultimately broke his heart.) However, with most guys what you will find is that they screw up because they don't necessarily understand women - even the women we love. Example: One birthday I was complaining about being old. Purely a joke as I was not that old, but I have a habit of using a punchline till it screams for mercy. At any rate, it never hit me that my gf would take that as she no longer pleased me and made me happy. She gave me an amazing gift - which I took the wrong way - and made her feel worse. I kept digging myself in the hole. Ultimately we cleared it up - mostly by my accepting the gift, (nice for me), but the whole thing was unintentional and totally unnecessary if I had just stopped to think. I did not see how talking about me might impact her. To me the words were just words. To her they had many layers of meaning. In that connection, generally, women are more verbal, and men more physical. (These are tendencies, not absolutes.) When a woman feels badly about something, she'll generally want to talk about it. When a guy feels badly, he may not say anything, but instead will do something for the gal. (Buy her flowers In terms of committed relationships, guys tend to see sex as an expression of love. Women tend to see sex as what you do IF you are in love. It is a subtle but important distinction.) Suffice to say, there are any number of ways that you can have miscommuications with these kinds of differences. Here is a hint though: Because men want to DO things, they want to know that what they do matters. Want to get a million miles out of your guy? Compliment him on something he did for you. He will jump through hoops for you after that.
  • Not rarely when the commotion takes place.

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