• When they show off what?
  • pent up sexual energy I don`t know lol
  • Showing off is kind of like obviousness in motion. Whoever screams the loudest gets the prize. Not all girls want a showoff young winston. There are many girls that fall for the masquerade of the male show-off routine and many of which end up on AB asking the same types of questions in the relationship section of this site. Girls want one thing while women want another. That is a huge unmistakeable difference. Just be yourself and bust a move. You might be shocked just how many girls will find you interesting.
  • Well, if a guy comes across carefree, confident and fun...why wouldn't you like him...also, when a guy boasts's kinda cute:D He's feeling good about himself and that's transmitted over to you...:) I personally love the smell of testosterone...when guys act in any way MANLY, it's hooooooooooot!
  • I don't, especially.
  • no dear- those are the tarts and the popular girls that like guys who show off, coz sluts and jerks go perfectly together! Now confidence is another issue all together, that is a major turn on! I guess you are asking this from a person who is school - and trust me times change. The girls become lapdancers, or beauticians, or vogue runners (pathetic species) and the guys become womanising wankers, and live of their parents earnings, bag themself a well paid job, get themselves a blonde and hurray another corporate wanker has emerged!
  • They love to show off to get attention from us girls. So why not showing off a little for anyone?

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