• When you are heading straight for the Penalty Box :) If a discussion has turned into name calling, it's time to walk away.
  • For me there isn't a good time to unsubscribe. I'm here to learn and teach and can't get good feed back and different opinions if I unsubscribe. I welcome all!
  • I usually will unsubscribe when a comment has been made that does not support my answer and bashes my opinion. I am here to help if I can. Not to be judged by someone who feels they are right just because they do not agree with my opinion. I am also not here to debate. My goal is to help the asker not explain myself to opposing views.
  • When: 1. The comments are no longer related to the answer or 2. The comment thread becomes heated due to clashing views on religion, politics and sexual orientation
  • Right before I am about to pick my computer up and throw it across the room and then kick it to death.
  • Whenever the thread leaves you..sometimes people join in to touch base with old friends and they continue on in an exclusionary communication. If you don't want to be "bothered" by the little yellow 'new' sign, then you can unsubscribe. Also, of course, and more importantly, if someone becomes insulting/abusive you can immediaely unsubscribe and escape the situation! :)
  • Once you have become a Swami. You wouldn't want to spend spend too much time going through comments then. You will have more important things to do. Like asking the best thought provoking questions and giving your guidance as answers. If anyone want to consult you separately they must contact you by E-mail and not through comments. You must maintain the decorum of Swamihood.
  • When your patience has been exhausted trying to make it a respectul, intelligent and peaceful discussion and the other person(s) uses transference or projection as defense mechanisms and won't let it go-name calling, poorly disguised insults, etc. Edited 11/15/2008 to correct spelling-not content.
  • When you have started to find the thread boring. The conversation is turning nasty. Make your point and move on. Do not allow another persons rudeness to interfere with your evenings pleasure.
  • When the person you are commenting with shows up at your door.

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