• And white guys don't? What is the black equivalent of KKK? All races have those loogy individuals who think, "Hey, they's after ore wimmin!" but for the most part, most people are over that.
  • I think this might verge on stereotypying a group of people. You may want to re-phrase your question so people don't take offense to it. :)
  • i think it goes both ways, im just glad most of us arent being ignorant. i love to see everyone just get along.
  • Really?...........I don't think you can justify it and I really don't think they care on who we date.
  • oh , i finally got it i said black instead of afro american, but the problem have with your pc /libreal meantality is my black woman is portugeese NOT AFRICAN AMERICAN, but because of people like you i have to refer to my wife as an african american and she from portugal, pc should stickit up thereass this is in respnse to nefertiti
  • This is a bit of a generalisation. My cousin's boyfriend's black family love his white gal. Maybe black men who are not as wealthy as a white family would dislike it, as so many times the family of the white girl have interfered and broken up the relationship to the 'lowly' black guy. Racism sucks. (At least Obama's being elected has futher shown that we are gradually waking up to ourselves, that more are realising it's only skin)
  • I haven't noticed. I'm a black man and I have no problem with black women with white men. My sister is married to a white man.
  • Not all of us hate it. I'm black and one of my closest friends is white and he has dated black women ever since i have known him. We always had kind of an inside joke about it because when we would go out together, we would both walk in a restaurant or club with black women on our arms! We always found that funny.
  • I imagine it's impossible to be a black male in America and not realize, or feel as if you're considered to be inferior to white men. As you mature you understand that people are individuals and not everyone believes in the inferiority of the black male. BUT, the "inferiority seed" is planted at an early age, and it's watered throughout the black man's lifetime by subtle references that he's not quite good enough. So while I wholehearted applaud ANYONE dating, REGARDLESS of race, I'd be lying if I said I haven't wondered, however fleetingly, whether black men weren't "good enough" for the black woman with the white man.
  • Inherent racism. Black men won't hate any white man specifically for dating/loving a black woman. If they do, it's probable they simply hate white men.
  • never knew black men hated it... there are a lot of interracial couples these days. i think it's kinda cool, personally. i think if everyone did that we'd eventually be just "one" people and the world would unite. what a concept!!!
  • i just hope it all ends , but i really dont think it will, ever, unfortunatly!! And i do believe our new prez is just gonna make things worse. but what r u gonns do!!!!
  • I always thought it was the other way around. I mean it couldnt be that much of a problem since black men date white women too right.
  • Not sure who these black men are but it doesnt bother me at all
  • jealious or they think white men taking or women next will be or jobs
  • As far as I know they don't.
  • You wouldn't by any chance be a narrow minded bigot by any chance?
  • I never knew a black man who had a problem with a white man dating a black woman. I know a couple of black women and white men who dont like a white woman with a black man.
  • It may happen but, I have never heard a black man say he hates it when white men date black women. Not only is it stupid but, who really has time to hate someone for dating outside their race(assuming you have a life and intelligence that exceeds that of a rock).
  • I've never seen that. Oh, some black guys might just hate white guys, but it probably has nothing to do with whom they are dating. I could be wrong.
  • honestly i don't think i have seen this, black men date white women, i don't think i have seen a black man hate on a white guy dating a black women, if they actually do this, i would wonder why. Racism is all i could say.
  • I suppose the same stupid motivation that causes white men to hate it when black men date/love white women.
  • In my experience they don't. Most black men I know don't like black women.

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