• For some reason I want to say Sinatra.
  • I would have to say super models. We have always been fascinated with the beauty of women.
  • Marilyn Monroe.
  • I would guess Elvis Presley...
  • Maybe the Beatles? Individually and collectively! :)
  • tossup between Elvis and The Beatles
  • Hmmm. . .Princess Diana or Marilyn Monroe?
  • Given his longevity and many years in the business, I would propose Mickey Rooney?
  • Probably Britney Spears. There seems to be more paparazzi now then ever before.
  • Marilyn Monroe Betty Grable (or at very least, her insured legs lol) Frank Sinatra Princess Di Madonna Elvis Michael Jackson Katherine Hepburn
  • Michael Jackson has been inducted in the guiness world records as the most photographed person ever and the most famous. This is also a recent report by hollywood weekly selecting Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson has been selected the most photographed celebrity ever by Hollywood Weekly. Michael Jackson: The Most Photographed Celebrity Ever? Hollywood Weekly, May 2006 Cover After reviewing an extensive photo library of 70 year old Bill Jones, a respected freelance photographer whose work has appeared in numerous national publications, including Ebony and Jet magazine for over 40 years, and after considering that Mr. Jones is the most published photographer on the planet, Hollywood Weekly made an interesting discovery; Michael Jackson is the most photographed celebrity ever. "Michael Jackson is without question the most famous American celebrity ever photographed. Factor in the global success of his career, his popularity made sense, but we actually conducted an analysis of Mr. Jones' body of work and, in our opinion, Michael Jackson is the most photographed celebrity in the world," explained Hollywood Weekly, publisher, Prather Jackson. The May issue of the Hollywood Weekly will feature exclusive photographs of Michael Jackson taken by celebrity photographer, Bill Jones. Fans interested in writing letters to the Hollywood Weekly for this edition, should send an email to: The publication will be released on May 10, 2006. To Order,

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