• My dogs of course :)
  • My pet. Definately. I don't even know that man, why bother? Maybe he's the one who caused the whole thing :)
  • my pet of course. without my pet I am nothing and I have no life so he will always come first
  • It all rests in a persons moral standpoint in life on whether A. They believe that the worth of a human life is greater than that of an animals. and B. Whether their experiances with the animal are enough to for go their morals to condemn another human to die. Me. My pet.
  • the strange, people are more important then animals... hope greenpeace doesn't see this message.
  • I can't answer this question based on logic alone. If it'll ever come to it, I'll lay my judgment in the hands of impulse.
  • The human being 1: that's a member of MY species, my animal beloved as it may be is not worth the value of another human being. 2: good things you do always come back to you in one form or another, the life you save today may twist fate to protect your own life in the future. 3: why the hell would I equate my animals life to thgat of a man/woman? All ethos aside I would go with the logic choice, stranger.
  • My dog died a few years back. I'm currently petless, but if I had a chance to bring my dog back to life, but at the cost of another human life, even one I never met before, I would have to sacrifice my dog for the stranger. Human life is more importent then a animals. And remembering my dog, and I remember him well(I had him since I was a baby, and spent 16 years of my life with him) I think he would want me to choose the strangers life, over his own. I've always believed dogs saw themselves as the guardains of humans in a way, and are more then willing to give their own life, to protect one. Atleast the 'good boy/girls'.
  • The stranger of coarse. I am shocked at how many other people said they would save their pet. Jeez pets are now more important than a human life...I didn't get the memo...
  • I'd save the stranger. I'll probably get DRed for this too.
  • animals can be replaced but that other person cant
  • I would save the person -- without hesitation.
  • The person yo...
  • I guess with me, I would save the life of the stranger. As much as I adore my pets, I feel they are much more atuned to the life and death cycle. It seems we humans have a harder time with death and I would be concerned for that person's family (and I would like to think our pets have that same compassion for us frail humans).
  • I suppose people say another human, because we know that they are on an intellectual level matching our own. So we perceive them to have more of a soul than our pet, and that they would appreciate us saving their lives more-so than a pet would. A pet is replacable to the extent that, pretty much any dog (as our example) you buy and raise like the last will end up like the last- loyal and good-natured. Whereas humans are all individual, they are also our species, and so we can relate to their emotions better, even if they are strangers. Whatsmore, I would be able to work out that many more lives would colapse at the loss of that person if their life, than if my dog was lost to me. Myself, I would save the human and feel guilt for my pet forevermore :(
  • I'd never choose beast over man. Even if I hated the other human, I'm loyal to my species first.
  • I'm afraid I'd go with my pet. I don't particularly like most of my fellow humans.
  • Are you kidding???? The stranger of course! I love my pets, but the human, stranger or not comes first.
  • My pet as I actually Know it and care for it as opposed to a random stranger. I'm not some hippy but know that my pet hasn't ever done anything wrong whereas the human starnger could easily be a murderer/ rapist/ criminal of some form.
  • I will cry very bad for pat but will save the stranger... Brothers always comes first.
  • Honestly, for me it would depend on the 'stranger'. If they look like they can take care of themselves I'd probably go for a much loved pet. If the stranger is a child or someone that I can view as less then capable then I would save them.
  • The dog wins.
  • my pet,

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