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  • This may sound stupid, but it works and it isn't doing anything strange and unusual. Get some those plastic tie wraps at wal-mart, the kind you use to wrap around wires and cords to keep them clutter free, and put one on the bottom of the shopping cart when you get to the store. The cord needs to hang on the floor under the cart, it has to drag. The dragging of the cord will keep the atatic from traveling through the cart and to your fingertips. I work in a nursing home and the new medication carts that were ordered from our pharmacy, kept shocking everyone. The maintenance department did this exact thing and now no one gets shocked. Hopes this helps honey
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  • The shoes that you wear have alot to do with, how often you get shocked by static. Wear leather shoes instead of rubber. Choosing your fabrics wisely will, help to prevent static. Stick to cotton fabrics instead of synthetic fibers. Rub dryer sheets on yourself to prevent static. Carry a dryer sheet in your pocket and touch it occasionally. Moisturize your body. The air is not the only thing that's dry! Hand or body lotion after the shower will keep your dry skin from picking up shocks.
  • I have the same problem and I don't know what to do
  • I have the same problem, and it will get really bad now that winter has arrived. Yarnlady's shoe tips are a good idea. Also, don't make any shuffling motions when you are walking on carpet or scoot your butt over the seat when you are trying to get out of the cart. These actions will build a static charge. Additionally, if you have problems with static building up in your hair, you can pack some dryer sheets in your purse and rub them across your hair whenever it stands on end. I have tried this, and it works wonders. It makes my hair smell nice, too. :)
  • I'm also suffering from this; I didn't know that others suffered as well. It is so annoying! Whenever I need to get in my car I have to touch the door with another part of my body, most of the time my wrist (less painfull), before I open it and I use my butt to shut the door when I get out. It's gotten worse now that it's winter. Why is that? When my boyfriend kisses me now he kisses my cheek first before my lips to get rid of the shock;a shock on the cheek is less painful than on my lips, ouch!
  • I have the same problem. The freezer section seems to be the worst! I just hate shopping because I am always getting shocked.

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