• Good stuff. Community service benefits everyone, and there are so many opportunities that everyone can find a way to help that they find enjoyable.
  • I haven't heard about that. DO you have a link or can you tell me what he said?
  • I like it. We need a little more community service. It brings neighbors together and makes it more difficult to commit crime and instills spirit and pride in members of the community and discipline and self-respect as well.
  • i liked it i believe thats wat we need
  • Community service makes people feel as though they personally have a stake in the community and, in general, is worthwhile. I guess my only question is what actually constitutes "community service"? Are these supposed to be government sponsored activities? Church sponsored? Public interest groups? Campaign work? What sponsors are and aren't qualified for the tax write-off? If church-sponsored activities are to be included, who decides if those activities actually benefit the community? I guess I see a lot of possible problems regarding the application of such a program, although in spirit I approve.
  • i dont see anything wrong with it

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