• No, they all treated us like young people and I liked most of them. But hate, no not at all.
  • Hate is a strong word but I disliked Mr. Jones, my math teacher. He was a live by the book, never smiled, bad breath annoyance.
  • Yes... I hated her at the time. Her name was Mrs. Cook, but I used to call her "Funky Pants" because she wore really weird plaid pants all the time. Looking back, she really wasn't that bad, but at the time I thought she was an absolute idiot of a teacher. Me and my friend wrote a poem about her: Stressed syllables for no reason, Talking of impeachment and treason. Her funky pants shimmered in the light. Oh! Funky pants!
  • Yes, my French teacher. The high school I went to was made up mainly of pupils from three villages, and on the first day in the first lesson the first thing she said was that she liked children from one village, wasn't keen on children from another village, and hated children from the last village (mine). I never took any interest in learning French after that.
  • Yes my old bitty business teacher and she was "OLD"
  • Yes it was actually the principal. I would probably punch him if I ever seen him again. the one and only person I can say I truly HATE. and I know how ugly that word is.
  • Yes. She said "fiddlesticks", refused to give extra help, and was old and mean. And this was Calculus. I though teachers wanted to help people. I think she liked watching kids struggle. UGH. I actually had a nightmare about her in college - that memorable.
  • Oh yeah. I had one teacher that I disliked so much I would stand outside the door until the bell rang because I knew that I would be sent to the principals office for being tardy. When I would get to the principals office he would just look at me and say "What kept you so long".
  • Two I can remember. Both math teachers.
  • Goodness that was long ago. I think if I did I"ve gotten over or forgot. Either way I wouldn't want to hold onto hate.
  • a few of them, and they hated me too! hehehehehe
  • Yes, I had one teacher that had to be the biggest asshole in the world. Other than that I liked high school.
  • I seem to remember this certain french teacher!
  • Yes, quite a few unfortunately
  • No, my problem was more that I fancied
  • Yes Sister Rose Helen - Originally from a part of Detroit. She terrorized kids for 20 years. The would get rid of her and bring her back. A mean big Nun.....
  • Yes, few of them.
  • No..but in 6th grade I had teacher who seemed to dislike me a lot for some reason. Her name was Miss Nyburg and she was very mean. I had skipped a couple of grades and apparently it ticked her off. She would call on me often, always mispronouncing my name, and always starting off with these words.."...since you are so smart, you'll know the answer to this question"...mind you I was a loner, painfully shy, an introvert, whom the kids already thought was kinda weird. I will never forget her..for all the wrong reasons. You see, there is immortality of sorts isn't there? I was 10 years old..I am 71..I haven't forgotten her or her name or her lack of sensitivity! :)
  • Yes. Out PT (physical training) gentleman. He needed to inhale tobacco snuff every few minutes and he did it in ways he thought nobody will notice. And he smelt snuff.
  • Mrs. Gay, she was my trig teacher and such a cunt. But she passed me with a D so i dont hate her as much as i did :D
  • No, I liked many of them.
  • Junior High actually but yes. I hated him with a passion. I still feel angry when I think about him. He was a truly nasty, petty, and sadistic little man and he had/has no business being an educator to children. I hope he's long gone from the educational system. His mother was a hamster and his father smelt of elderberries!
  • Yes and the scary thing is they are the ones I learned the most from
  • At one time in school, yeah. But the hatred was mutual...but then, the more i studied under her, the lesser the hatred became. Again, this was mutual. Now that i think of it, she was one of the better teachers i've learned under...
  • I had a teacher who would walk into the class, yell at someone and send them out immediately, no matter what. He also had bad fashion sense. Couldn't say "th" as in three (he pronounced it tree) but he added "th" to the ends of words ending in t sounds... So a girl Kate became kayth. He chose boring films and just didn't seem to have a clue about how to relate well to us. (and he was a young teacher too so there wasn't the age gap issue)
  • Yes I've had a few. I've got one at the moment. My Spanish teacher, I love Spanish, but she drives me insane...

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