• Nope. That's how they make so much money. What a rip off. They cost enough as it is. To only be able to use them once is a REAL RIP OFF!!
  • wouldnt a strong adhesive tape work?
  • Yes indeed. I figured it out myself. First off I tried it with several different kinds of adhesive tapes. The one I use is Johnson and Johnson 1" waterproof tape. It doesnt look great but nobody sees me when I'm asleep. Take a used breathright and cut as close to the (2) strips as you can. Measure out about 2" (more or less) of J and J tape and place the used strip sticky side down. I use mine at this point. Its a little bulky and itches a little at first. The next night when you peel off the used strip, the tape off the original should peel off and stay on the J and J strip. Next night I stick the other (of BRT) side on the J and J and use it again. the next day the 2 plastic strips should come off. Ive been using the same 30 strips for over a year. They never wear out (so far anyway). Email me if you dont understand. HEADFOLLOWER@HOTMAIL.COM

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