• When a woman has a g-spot orgasm, she sometimes releases fluid, which is not urine as mistaken by some. This is the female ejaculate
  • Female ejaculation refers to the expulsion of noticeable amounts of clear fluid, always from the urethra during sexual stimulation at or near orgasm.
  • a gift from god. i do two cups full when solo, maybe half a cup while having intercourse. it seriously INTENSIFIES orgasms. usually it starts right before i orgasm and continues into the actual orgasm.
  • as a female all i can tell you men to to have patience and enjoy. the best orgasm i ever had was when my husbans leaarned how to stimulat me to ejaculation. i had to teach him what to do because he was always in a hurry like most men want to cum as soon as possible. i learned at an early age about 16 to give my self the most intenst orgasm ever. i was exploring my vagina with a mirro and my fingers. i slide my finger in about 1-1/2 inches and at first started to thrust as if a man was making love to me then something happened i slowed down and found this spot by accident and massaged it with my finger tips i think as a man would massage his penis just under the head at least that is where my husband likes it. as i rubbed the deeper my breathing became my hip would push up lifting my bottom off the bed i could not beleieve the pleasure then all ot the sudden i though i was going to pee my self but it felt so good i could not stop rubbibg the in side wall of my vagina and i exploded screaming like i never have befor and as i just opened my eyes to see what my vagina looked like in the mirror a huge gush of liquid came squirting out. i was affraid i peed my self but it felt like nothing ever before. i always would lick my fingers after playing with my self i was kind of afraid to thinking i peed. well to my suprise it did not taste anything like pee it was delicous. so from that time on i always try to make myself squirt but it does not always happen but when it does it is wonderful. men please take the time to learn this and you and your wife will enjoy some entense pleasure.
  • There is some argument about whether female ejaculation exists, depending on what it means. Reproduction requires a liquid from inside the male to be transferred to inside the female. There is absolutely no requirement, or mechanism for anything to be transferred in the reverse direction. If "ejaculation" describes, as it normally does, the action of ejecting this live fluid for reproductive purposes, then the idea of "female ejaculation" is a nonsense, and meaningless. If we use the word to mean any vaguely "squirty" type event associated with pleasure, that is something else. Female sexula pleasure certainly involves muscle contraction, and there is wetness around, so a bit of squirtiness is possible. But it is totally different from the absloute biological imperative of what the male does, and indeed some studies discovered that the "female ejaculate" was just a mixture of lubricant and urine. There is nothing of significance there to be ejaculated
  • Nobodymuch doesn't know what they're talking about. I feel sorry that women often don't know enough about their own bodies to enjoy them to the full. I only discovered I could ejaculate from clitorial stimulation at the age of 41 and is is not just a squirt it's an awesome gush! I was curious to know what type of liquid it was and collected it. I had 1/4 pint from one orgasm! Hardly a squirt, and definately more than just a mixture or lubricant and urine as I didn't use any lubricant. And everyone is familiar with the smell of urine and it doesn't have that awful smell) My advice to Nobodymuch is go away, practice, be patient and you will be rewarded.

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