• Wow. That's pretty broad. ALL ages? ALL sizes? I don't think I could get the hots for a morbidly obese 96 year old.
  • I think I can. If I dig their "essence", I find them desirable no matter their outward appearance.
  • I'm not "picky" but no!
  • I can be friends with ALL of the above, but if you're talking about a romantic relationship, I think I would probably have an age limit... any age, but within reason.
  • Not all ages, there's a limit there of course. I don't have a defined "type" of woman I like. It's hard to explain but if I can find someone attractive, I don't focus in one of those aspects in particular.
  • As long as you keep the 'desirable' a wide open term to include all positive emotions we are capable of, I have no problem at all. All are most welcome to be my desirable friends. But if you try to narrow down the definition of 'desirable' to its usual meaning, I am not game.
  • I always could find someone disirable somewhere.
  • I'm a picky person. For some reason i don't know why.
  • i confess!!!! im picky!!!! i dont have a "type" but i do have my own standard guidelines. I like men, white or hispanic, between 24- 44 (im 34)i prefer tall, but thats not required. BUT, heres my big clincher; military experience is a MUST! I will never again date a man who didnt serve his country(I did, so my man should have also)
  • I am a pretty picky person ..size and class are not a big deal but every thing else is a major big deal along with other traits that I expect for a man NOT to do.. I am picky
  • "Desirable" was not the correct term, it was just the one I chose, and I did that wrongly! I meant "attractive". [EDIT] PLEASE NOTE: I didn't mean for all of the "categories" to be used at one time. Basically, when I came up with the question, I was waiting in the van for my wife in the store. I saw an older lady (by older, I mean about 20 years older than me) who, I considered attractive. I wondered if others would not worry about age. Then I thought that I know there are a few others that "worry" about race, size, "class", etc., and put the question together. Please take this into account if/when you answer this question. Sorry for the mix-up! :-/
  • I am e very picky person.. I like what I like:):) Wheather it comes in black or white..whatever:):)
  • I'm pretty picky, but sometimes I just go with the feeling.
  • Good question. I don't have a problem with any of the catagories you mentioned. There are certain things that I look for (when talking physically) in a member of the opposite sex. Race, class, age (within a range) and size do not (neccesarilly) disqualify her from being desirable.
  • I'm picky in that a woman has to at least appear to take care of herself. A slob, a woman who stinks, a woman who does drugs, or a woman who is grossly overweight is definately NOT desirable to me. Oh, yeah...let's not forget the snobs. A woman can have a knockout body, but if she's a snob, forget it. BIG TIME turn off there. Other than that...I'm pretty easy going about it.
  • Race or class doesn't bother me, I'll never question my tastes when that's concerned, but I certainly do have my preferences as far as size, age and hygiene goes, as well as the personality. I don't know if I'm picky but I wouldn't just take anyone, either.
  • I think if you meet someone that you have something in common with and you get along really well, that's awesome. All those things don't really matter to me.. It's the connection that is important ;)
  • By your definition i'm picky but you're abusing picky if you try to make it mean "accepting absolutely everything" I fnd your question offensive
  • quite picky. I do not settle for 2nd best, which is probably why i am single, but I want love to be a fairytale, with butterflies in my tummy. I highly doubt I would get that from someone old, obese and broke. No offense meant. Just answering with honesty.
  • Yes, I can (and have) found members of the opposite sex of ALL ages, races, sizes, classes, etc. desirable. For me, it's more about the total it all comes together, and what kind of relationship I'm desiring. I can over look gray hair, skin color, financial status, and even a beer belly, if the WHOLE person is attractive to me. That being said, that doesn't mean I find ALL members of the opposite sex of ALL ages, races, sizes, classes, etc. desirable...just SOME. I call it discriminating; not picky.
  • Not everybody qualifies by virtue of their gender
  • I think one has to be choosy, especially if you are picking a lifelong companion. But my wants and reject list wasn't full of superficial things. They were truly what was of immense importance to me. I don't care about race or class or financial status. It was all what was inside the person and their values and interests.
  • No, I have fairly high standards which it comes to people I find desirable.
  • it's usually easy to find at least one good trait in a person
  • I am picky. as in youth, where do you draw the line? at some point one has to say, i have no desire. the same for every other feature. you could put a pair of apres ski boots on any woman and they would be desireable. the same for white canvas tennis shoes and white sweat socks. they are delectible.

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