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  • I assumed you were talking about "India". 1) "Vishal-Shekhar are a music directing duo (Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani) for Bollywood films. They have had a number of successes including Jhankaar Beats, Om Shanti Om, Tara Rum Pum, Salaam Namaste, Dus, Tashan and Bluffmaster. The duo rose in prominence when they composed the score for the film Jhankaar Beats, which included the hit song tu aashiqui hai. Their efforts paid off when they won the Filmfare RD Burman Award for New Music Talent for Jhankaar Beats. The music for the film Musafir became very popular with youths. They combined techno music with Indian sounds. The score of the film included the music hits Saaqi and Door Se Paas. 2005 was a good year for the duo as they composed the scores for three hit films: Salaam Namaste, Dus and Bluffmaster. Vishal Dadlani is also the vocalist of Mumbai-based electronic band Pentagram, and was a sometime-VJ at Channel V. Shekhar is married and has a daughter named Bipasha. Vishal is still very much a part of the Indian rock band Pentagram. Shekhar is a trained classical singer and has a sound base of Indian music. Their music is thus a combination of Indian classical with western rock influence brought by Vishal. They also were the mentors of Raja Hasan in Saregamapa 2007, a popular singing contest broadcasted in Zee TV ." Source and further information: Vishal-Shekhar Performing 'Bachna Ae Haseeno" Vishal Shekhar performing with Apurva and Junaid 2) "Karsh Kale (Hindi: कुरश कले Kursh Kah-lay) is an Indian producer, composer and musician, known for melding the music of his heritage with the modern electronic club music of his American upbringing. Growing up in Stony Brook, New York, Kale showed significant promise as a traditional drummer as well as an Indian percussionist from an early age. While still attending high school, he played in a number of local bands, specializing in classic rock especially with a bent towards progressive groups such as Rush and Kansas. Kale often creates a unique blend of Indian percussion with techno music and drum & bass. Kale's compositions are often strident, loud, and energetic; they are heavy on the percussion and more focused on instrumental arrangements than vocals. In the style of Indian Fusion he is closer to Talvin Singh or State of Bengal than Bally Sagoo or Bill Laswell. Kale is also a member of Tabla Beat Science, an "Asian Underground" type of group. He has collaborated with renowned artists such as the Madras Cinematic Orchestra and tabla masters, such as Zakir Hussain. One of his most famous compositions was entitled "Milan", named after his daughter, whose Sanskrit name means "meeting of two"." Source and further information: Karsh Kale plays "Milan" Live

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