• Hard to say. Most killers do have troubled family backgrounds. Some came from perfectly happy families. I'd say that a vast majority would have turned out better if they had stable backgrounds or at the very least had received proper care for psychiatric issues. I think a select few would have become killers no matter what.
  • yep environment over genetics well for the most part
  • It can be the case. There are many different cases where a parent's abuse or neglect has screwed up their child's physiological mind. I would love to know what the mother did to make him start stealing corpses!
  • Yes. I've noticed a common pattern among these severely deranged individuals and all of them can be traced to upbringing or very traumatic events during childhood
  • genetics loads the gun, environment pulls the trigger.
  • No. I think some people are just screwed up. I think its more thna what goes on at home I bet he never had a gf either
  • No I think its a genetic malfunction... perhaps more intervention but still the desire to kill would be there deep down. JMO
  • Man,as a Teacher Assistant I have seen some wacked out kids with normal parents and vice versa. But no matter what they do the parents cant stop little Jimmy from looking at people and growling like a ferral cat(quite unsettling) I often wonder if they would ever be like that in the old days. I doubt it.
  • It might make a difference for some, and the sort of conditioning that some get don't help, however I do believe that to go to certain extents, one must go by one's own innate mental functions, no matter how conditioned by outside factors. After all, a LOT of people have had questionable backgrounds and families, but don't end up as murderers, many can lead normal, satisfactory lives. But also it's kinda ignorant for me to claim that every killer is mentally deranged, it's hard to say. Many people kill and are not labeled as murderers or serial killers, and in some countries where the law accepts dishonour by death for example could reflect this aspect of our nature, no matter how grossly mutated it may become in many cases. So, I really don't know. Edward Gein is, of course, a special case, and much of what occured was from his own reasoning, so if he was treated differently, I think it might have made a difference, and it doesn't help that the town he was in sucked, apparently. XD
  • yeah. possibly. but it all depends on how that one person thinks about those kinda things, in my opnion. what do you think??
  • No is the way they think
  • Yes. I dont believe people are born to kill, however I do believe some people have certain disorders that contribute to be able to kill. I believe the enviroment in which we are raised adds a major contribution to that. The combination of both is deadly.
  • I didn't think anyone remembered Ed Gein. When I was young, he's how we were convinced to stay away from strangers. He lived right nextdoor in WI. There were even morbid jokes passed around regarding Ed and his activities; pretty scary for a kid. Robert Bloch lived near Ed, he wrote Psycho, so I guess he had an effect on a lot of us. I agree with confused about both nature and nurture being the cause.
  • It usually would be different, I believe. However, there are some people born sociopathic. And, no amount of love can change them.
  • Yes, I do. But then, there are scientist who say that killers are born with different parts of brain (or something like that) and that they can't help it..? So my mind isn't really made up.
  • We are greatly effected by our environment and learn by example.

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