• ZOMBIES! I know they are. Just kidding. Probably a cat or owl. I would say bat, but they see with their ears lol
  • Rabbits. Have you ever seen wearing glasses at night?
  • the Badger
  • The (Navy) Seal and it is also the most deadly...
  • The night predators, such as the owl (in America). The opossum also has one of the best night vision eyes, as do most marsupials. It is for defense rather than predation. They feed at night on plants, grubs, and whatever falls into their path. They are near blind during the day. So are owls. Vampire bats are little animals that have tremendous night vision. I would probably place them at the top of the list. They are not to be confused with other bats which have no eyes at all...only radar.>> Among the larger animals, the hyena is the most predatory animal at night. Their night vision is far better than the cat or canine family who hunt during the day. Skunks (polecats) and raccoons and all the "weasel" family have good night vision,..also better than the cats or canines. Who is the top night vision animal? The vampire bat,...just my educated guess.
  • Night animals such as bats, owls, those that hunt at night, etc.. out of them all?? Maybe those that only come out at night...

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