• Gotta say no to that.
  • Might be interesting, sure I'd give it a go.
  • erm, I'll have to pass...but thanks for the offer. :-)
  • I think I'd give that one a miss.
  • How do we know otherwise? I mean, who knows what happened in any room we stay in? Yes, I would. I'm not afraid of anything that happened there forty years ago.
  • If the bed is comfortable I could care less what happened there in the past.
  • As long as all the wardrobes have been removed, the bed checked for stowaways, the windows barred and the door replaced by a safe door from a bank, yeah I will.
  • I dont think you'd have any problems for a few days or weeks. However, regardless of what the world teaches us i.e that the insane act alone. My experience has taught me that even serial killers have friends. Also, its true birds of a feather flock(hang) together. I suspect in the long run one of the former occupants friends who is a killer also might show up.But , even if a former victim who got away showed up it might be in anger. So like I said you could probably live there awhile with no problem but some problem might show up later. I dont recommend raising children there. Living across the street from the murderers old house may be a better option, who knows you might get to see what trouble shows up later. However, the Jesus I believe in is Almighty and able to protect a True Believer. It is possible that a True Believer could live in the ex killers house with no problem if they pray in faith about it. However, at the very least the True Believer may have some later problems with ghostly apparations(i.e. demons that need to be driven out of the house with prayer like Jesus would drive out demons back in Ancient Israel) I'm not saying that the apparations could hurt the True Believer but still to avoid all fear living across the street might be a beter option to see what you learn later. Thanks for the interesting question, gave you 2 pts i.e. 22 to 24
  • if it had a makeover, and smelled okay, and had wifi sure.
  • my response: "hey, now i can find places to hide the bodi-- .... uh... i mean.... i'll pay in advance."
  • If it was cleaned properly. But if it's still got forty years worth of body bits laying around and suspicious sticky spots on the walls...
  • No I wouldn't. What room are you referring to? Is it room 109 at that creepy Super 8 on Interstate 87 near Lake George, NY? I'd like to know so that I can avoid staying there.
  • no, it would probly smell really bad
  • No ~ the bad energy in that room would defy description and i would do nothing more than wish to burn it to ashes.
  • i dont think so

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